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Can Eating Two Cherries Kill You? Crushing Cyanide Out of Cherries With a Hydraulic Press

In this video I test the myth that two cherry pits have enough cyanide to kill you. I test it by crushing the cherry pits in the hydraulic press and then soaking them in water and then testing them with my cyanide test kit. See if you are safe eating cherry seeds!

Warning: Do not eat cherry seeds either way. Some varieties can have enough to harm/kill you…

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  1. The Action Lab says:

    Apparently a guy in the UK almost died from cyanide poisoning recently from eating cheery seeds…So my warning to you…still don't eat cherry seeds since different varieties can have different amounts of cyanide.

  2. aaryan joshy says:

    why can't he just eat those 2 cherries and get the answer?

  3. Kurbo says:

    Death by cherry seed wouldn't be a bad way to go out if I'm being honest

  4. Lazyasscorps My dude says:

    Why not take the pits out before crushing them

  5. Oldnoobman says:

    Me who ate 30 cherry seeds today:

  6. horse says:

    So this is the reason why kakyoin died


  7. Vxlkzy says:

    Ur smart bro

  8. Ritesh Maharjan says:

    I always chew on the seeds, guess I've been lucky.

  9. fish nuggets says:

    I've BEEN swallowing these wtf

  10. Danilo Milutinovic says:

    i swallowed 5 cherry pits yesterday and im scared

  11. GuttaPutt says:

    I think we are on some kind of CIA list or something…

  12. Modest Pug Gaming says:

    Lol ive eaten alot of cherry seed as a kid. On life support but still alive!

  13. nooo and no says:

    I just realized I've swallowed 2 cherry pits before lol

  14. NoobyPlayzRoblox says:

    Cherry: Gets Crushed
    Me: Oh that looks like BLOOD

  15. I.T. STREAM says:

    Wait is it the seeds or the cherries i eat 2 cherries on my sister's birthday D:

  16. Rafiul Haque says:

    so I have what it takes to kill myself as I don't like blood

  17. ~°Wølfy°~ says:

    I ate 3 cherry pits

  18. Jamesthebond 007 says:

    Why would you eat a seed that could potentially break your teeth trying Jesus some people would be stupid

  19. Nafeeza Hayat says:

    I swallowed a lots of cherry seeds as a kid and now I'm commenting from heaven .

  20. Blaynes Plant Vlog says:

    Eats 100 churched cherry seeds….. you can figure out the rest😅

  21. Cosmic Cloud says:

    Cherry, plum, apricot and Peach all have it, they’re all prunes.

  22. Vikingvin says:

    Herman Goering did it.

  23. Donald Birch says:

    I accidentally swallowed 3 seeds while munching and got spooked. Good to know! Phewwe

  24. Some Random Name says:

    "Cherry Pit Suicide" or "Cherry Death" sounds like a really bad pastel goth electronic-prog rock band and I really, really wanna hear it now.

  25. Obbyperson72 says:

    1:08 cherries screaming for help

  26. Himiko Toga says:

    Im scared for my health

    I just swallowed 3 whole cherries with the stem

  27. destiny rose says:

    Wait will I die if accidentally swolload cherry seeds pls respond to me back pls asap

  28. Marivic Maraan says:

    I thought you were gonna eat it

  29. Ozzy Cash says:

    God made the seeds hard for a reason

  30. NintCondition says:

    People in places outside of the US have eaten seeds of apples and apricot on a daily basis and it’s said that they contain a vitamin B17 that has been know to cure cancer. Not sure if it’s the same with cherry pits tho.

  31. Jay T AKA Jeremiah Tisdale says:

    Thankfully I don’t eat cherry seeds

  32. Lero lero it

  33. numberoneappgames says:

    also peach pits.

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