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Tutorial for Beginners: 5 Ways to Smoke Perfect Hookah

In our video we describe the substitutes for water in the base while smoking. If you are looking to spice up your hookah smoking experience this is a video just for you.

We used ice, orange juice, milk, wine, and absinth for the base. Ice makes the smoke cooler, juices add fruit favor, milk is the best for dessert flavors, and alcoholic beverages are the best for enhanced buzz from the hookah. We used all of these additives to the bases to see what is the best experience.

Keep in mind that all of the options have to be mixed with water for best experience. Some one told us that they used a whole bottle of absinth and got super buzzed and got headache.

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos and let us know what you want to see next.

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  1. MultiPAVEL86 says:

    I like many feel like it's placebo.
    Touches of flavor come from trace amounts of the substance in the pipe and whatnot.

  2. Yarden B says:

  3. Kenan Šabić says:

    Do any of these affect the smoking experience significantly besides the ice one? Some are saying adding stuff other than water doesn't do anything, others saying it makes the hookah taste bad (in case of milk especially). I think adding booze sounds like a cool idea to try, would probably dissolve it in less water myself though, maybe replace water with mostly vodka or similar liquor as an experiment. Also are things like milk or juice a contamination hazard? Amy Deluxe are great and pretty easy to clean with the silicone hoses and all but I think it would kill some traditional hookahs if you attempted it.

  4. A Deleon says:

    By far the best hookah channel!

  5. Bulut und Hanna Duman says:

    I think allround best choice is with Milk because some how i feel best filtered, clean and intensive smoke with it. Even i smoke just "apple-mint"…

  6. Sourav Paul says:

    How about a little experiment with weed

  7. Ayrton Goliath says:

    Best hookah Chanel i just subscribed💯😏

  8. Madnessboy says:

    Which hookah do you use in this video?

  9. Destini Neal says:

    So add the orange juice or wine with water? Is the cream base at hookah places just milk🤔?

  10. Przeciętny Wyjątkowy says:

    cool didnt know bout mixing liquids, thanks

  11. Tristen Whitlock says:

    Have always used tropical flavored drinks like gatorade, Body Armor, or fruit punch in my hookah base to liven up fruit flavors.

  12. Yusuf Yasa says:

    What’s the make of the shisha set called please? Which one would you recommend ?

  13. Mike Perez says:

    Such a dumbness, the whater is just a filter you just cant get any flavour from the base liquids

  14. Maddy Rockhard says:

    I’m in lockdown, cannot go outside and buy some.

  15. mscott9734 says:

    Which is the best options for blueberry mint?

  16. Roro Farhat says:

    What’s better for lemon and mint flavor do I add orange juice or redbull or ice?

  17. Elementsage says:

    I used 2.5/4 water, I add 1/4 juice (fruit punch) and then some milk. It’s the best.

  18. Lucas Tembani says:

    hello, may i please know which type of hookah youre using

  19. Jasmine Valiente says:

    Does adding extract to my hookah base damage it? I bought some strawberry creme shisha and want it a bit stronger. Someone suggested to add strawberry extract to my base but I was scared it would damage it some how?

  20. yb2K8 says:

    what’s the name of this hookah

  21. amar 34 says:

    Is milk good with peach-mint flavour

  22. Abdullah Amoudy says:

    What about beers?

  23. El Ali says:

    What is the Hooka your using? Is it german? arabian?

  24. nycbb ت says:

    Do you speak Russian? Because u have kinda russian accent

  25. Novian Restu Suwandi says:

    What is the tools you put charcoal in call? Coz mostly I saw only aluminum foils paper

  26. its funny how you guys call it hookah, its like when British people say chips … its shishah! everyone

  27. I want to try with rum😳😏

  28. Playboa 0 says:

    ice base with cold peach, ice strawberry, and ice rasberry orange is perfection

  29. Ovais A says:

    Are you inhaling some milk vapor with the milk base or with the others, I almost always just use water.

  30. Manny Bailey says:

    This was an awesome video!

  31. Melanie Jenkins says:

    Where can I get a hookah like yours. I already have 6 hookahs of my own. Love this vid

  32. Reddaz Fukc says:

    love it

  33. Nise Obanda says:

    So you teaching ppl how to get cancer

  34. Antuan Kendrick says:

    Liberty Creek Sweet Red Wine 🍷

  35. Nizar Ali Qaderi says:

    Which one would you use for douple apple? Ice, juice or milk?

  36. Shafi Rohman says:

    what is this shisha called???

  37. DK says:

    I use red bull its perfect 😉

  38. Amina Walyam says:

    Lol he was blowing out too fast for me 😂😭

  39. Jory Meh says:

    Hello, I have Idea, what about some redbull? Im afraid to try it, dont want to die 😀 So im asking, if you tryed that. 🙂

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