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What You Need When You Get A Rabbit

In this video, I show everything you need when you get a rabbit! Bunnies surprisingly need quite a lot of things to make sure they live happy and healthy lives! I hope this video helps you prepare for your new bunny or even if you already have a rabbit! Check out the links below for more information!

Litter Box (I use the large size):
Rabbit Diet Info:

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  1. Danna buendia says:

    Me : mom we need all this stuff for it. my mom: nope it’s sleeping in the shed and it can just eat our animal food

  2. Thatonequietkid says:

    I'm so confused on the water bowl thing because when I went to the vet they told me to get them a water bottle so I did…My bunny usually steps in the water bowl and splashes it around a lot so i thought this would help her to stop spilling and getting wet as well as stop her from pooping in her water bowl. Now I'm not sure what to do, maybe they told me to get a bottle because my bunny is still pretty small right now…I'm not sure

  3. Alivia monae says:

    This helped thank you so much 😊

  4. Lexi Kabrea says:

    I’m a veterinarian assistant and my book says you SHOULD use a water bottle

  5. Via Agreste says:

    I used to have a bunny in first grade but it died because we didn’t know how take care of the poor bunny 😔

    We just got a new one my dad and mom are planning to make a huge cage and my dad is currently buying stuff for the bunny

  6. Bella Szombati says:

    Should I keep chasing my bunny if I want to pick him up? Or should I let him come to me ?

  7. Tatiyacha playz says:

    I scared my rabbits will get surgery tomorrow😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Anne Wick says:

    You are so accurate honey. I can't wait to get my new baby 🍼🐥 bunny he is 8 weeks old.
    My other rabbit lived for 10 1/2 years

  9. Bunny girl says:

    I have a bunny to

  10. Noella Cornelius says:

    You are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!

  11. xx_vibes _xx says:

    Thx for making this vid it was really helpful!!

  12. Aaron Ssozi says:

    thank u im starting a buny busnes in Uganda called bunbun sale

  13. BTKZ says:

    Grabe naman yung kaputian neto haha

  14. Idont Know says:

    Honestly if you wouldn’t lock your dog or cat in a small cage don’t do it to your rabbit if you won’t make your dog or cat drink out of a water bottle don’t do it to your rabbit etc please treat your rabbits with care

  15. Deborah Spencer says:

    Do you still have an Etsy shop?

  16. aloha stitch says:

    None of my bunnies shed !! Do all bunnies shed??

  17. Grace Mckenzie says:

    I’m getting 2 baby dwarf lop bunny’s on Sunday and I’ve got them a massive hutch that I’ll be putting in my room

  18. Rhianne Arthur says:

    I wrote down all everything and that is like 15 things but I want a bunny for my birthday.

  19. mr mister says:

    I got My rabbit five days ago and currently lives in a hutch right now but I’m trying to get him a x pen and make his habitat better!

  20. Super7317 says:

    I initially bought a water bottle for my bunny , i got her a water dish when i heard that the bottles are not good for buns as they are prone to dehydration and the flow might be lacking, however i left the bottle intact in her cage together with the bowl and she alternates. Is she at risk of any health problems from using a water bottle in the long run?

  21. XxxBunnehXxx says:

    I’ve been begging for a rabbit and I finally got one and this helped a lot!!🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you for getting me prepared

  22. angelmhm says:

    I’m trying to convince my mum for a bunny bc I said that I would pay for everything myself and she said no! Too expensive (pls what mother)

  23. Skylar Callen says:

    can someone help i can't understand what bunnies can and can't have fruit and veggies wise because i'm getting mixed answers

  24. tabatha Fehrmann says:

    Great video

  25. Izzy Mayer says:

    Thanks I needed some help I'm getting 1 female baby bunny

  26. Eastern Rabbit Farm says:

    Nice and informative video.

  27. Joselyn Plays says:

    Hey, I was just have litter left on my list and I was just wondering if hickory wood stove pellets would be okay?

  28. feather fun guy says:

    Can i use sand or dirt for liter

  29. ALAN Tacher says:

    Because if you know I’m getting a bunny for my birthday because my mom knows how easy it is to take care of it

  30. Yannist808 Idk says:

    I don’t have enough money for this 🙁 bunny die

  31. Chloe GamerGurl says:

    I'm getting a bunny in 3 hours. I've everything ready and I'm so excited. Thanks for helping!

  32. Luna The wolf says:

    I would say free roaming your rabbit is better

  33. Cadence Stormlove says:

    Thank you so much for the help! I'm going on a bunny shopping spree tonight for all of this. Last thing to add to the list, I need a bunny! 🐰

  34. Laura Gibbons says:

    i got a bunny for my birthday and my birthday was yestrday

  35. Nishit Rajgor says:

    Very nice information 👍

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