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Thai Yellow Curry Chicken that's so Good & Easy, You'll Forget Takeout

This curry is packed with flavour. Forget takeout, make this incredible dish at home. You’ll feast and still have Leftovers!

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  1. Flo Lum says:

    This Thai curry is incredibly easy to make and it tastes even better than take out. Give it a try! Happy Sunday! 💕

  2. Clare Tamura says:

    Looks so good! Thanks I will try this recipe soon.🙋😅

  3. Carol Johnson says:

    Where can I buy the Thai yellow curry paste? What brand name is it? And also can I add bell pepper to it?

  4. sharon hammann says:

    For the wimps out there (like me) use only a tablespoon of the curry.

  5. K Waggoner says:

    Love those pastes Flo!! I use them for Thai and Indian curries. And you are right, they work anywhere. I will even use them in my slow cooker for church potlucks and socials. Everyone loves a good curry and rice!

  6. Ning Zhou says:

    Thank you

  7. Colleen Kelly Williams says:

    Thank you for the delicious recipe, Flo. My husband served himself a second helping at dinner this evening- it's a win! 🌶️

  8. Ellie Forte says:

    I'm going to cook this tomorrow. Thanks.

  9. Laura Francis-Bohr says:

    What is the name brand of the curry paste you are using! Thanks.

  10. Pgatov Cranbrook says:

    I'm thai.. so proud to be Thai for the world wide food. Thai curry is a bout the fish sauce, that's why is delicious
    Lol.. enjoy Thai curry guys

  11. Jason Chen says:

    too many commercial.

  12. april signs says:

    Looks incredible!!! However, I know it’s not part of the recipe, but I would add garlic

  13. Ashley Lee says:

    Hi Flo! I recently bought an instant pot and was searching for hours on YouTube for Asian/Malaysian recipes that I can make in my instant pot. As a person who has a burning passion for cooking and eating, I absolutely love every single video you have uploaded so far and I am so happy that I found your channel! You mentioned that Dude was Malaysian and currently resides in Canada with you. Well, hello from another Malaysian who is currently working (& studying) in the U.S. 🙂

  14. Elsa says:

    I love curry so much! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  15. Pam Owen says:

    Well Dude, when I was little parent’s used soap in your mouth for curse words. I only had it happen once! And Flo, it tastes like soap to me.

  16. Susan Armstrong says:

    From 2 dead plants to a wonderful garden. Yay!!!

  17. Carol Johnson says:

    What cut of chicken did you use?

  18. Gus Smiles says:

    Hair on fleek!! ☮️

  19. Samantha Sin says:

    Would love to see your version of Panang curry! It’s so delicious

  20. tanyawatches says:

    Is the AroyD yellow curry paste spicy?

  21. Leatrice Swayy Watkins says:

    I made this recipe from your instant pot recipe, and it was so good. Chicken and egg plant, plus I added butternut squash!! Yummmm

  22. Mahina says:

    Thank you for showing us how to make Thai curry so easily.

  23. aka lei says:

    Hi I have sent you an email for collaboration. Pls have a check.

  24. jose vazquez says:

    Have you ever done egg flower soup, that's one recipe I can't get right.

  25. Suryn Szu says:

    Omgosh… this is great, thank you❤❤❤

  26. Hank Tsui says:

    Curry looks amazing! It never occurred to me to look for ready made curry paste but I'll be keeping an eye out next time. All I ever make when it comes to curry are those Japanese curries that come in blocks and I think my entire family would appreciate something different for a change, so thanks! How are you able to get Thai basil to grow way up North? I'm in SF bay area and I've never had any luck with them. The one plant that managed to survive through Summer for me had tiny little leaves less than 1/2 the size of yours. Thanks for another great video!

  27. Kristen Namwae says:

    I have a hard time liking fish sauce, would it be good to omit or should I use another sauce instead?

  28. Anh N says:

    Flo the chef and Dude the taster! Perfect team!

  29. beth77449 says:

    Love your cooking, sorry but I do not like cilantro

  30. christie soliz says:

    Love you guys!

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