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Science: White Sugar vs Brown Sugar — What You Use Can Dramatically Change Texture in Baked Goods

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Watch Test Cook Dan Souza illustrate Concept #48, ” Sugar Changes Texture (and Sweetness),” with an in-depth kitchen experiment. Hope you like cookies.

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  1. Bonnie P says:

    Oh, so cute, baby Dan! So strange to see him without his humor & quit wit bursting thru.

  2. Layput says:

    Don't judge sugar by its sweetness.

  3. rararad says:

    It’s fetus Dan

  4. Dominic Do says:

    This is the video I was looking for. All the other videos kept talking about what was in it, which was more healthy blah blah blah blah.
    Brown sugar = more moist baked goods
    White sugar = less so
    Thank you that was all I needed

  5. Tenicia Williams says:

    So thats why they use both brown and white sugar in cookies

  6. Ling says:


  7. PettyCashPrash says:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing science video! Thank you!

  8. o0Avalon0o says:

    So, where can I find the recipe to that delicious-looking sandwich cookie from 0:23 ?

  9. Sohel Morshed says:


  10. 6hour says:

    omg i absolutely love your videos. KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  11. twinkle wenceslao says:

    can someone please tell me, can i use washed sugar instead of brown when making chocolate chip cookies?

  12. Cesar Sandoval says:

    Can someone explain the cookies. Why does regular snap and brown is flexible?

  13. Noble Hill says:

    I need a squeeze bag

  14. Noble Hill says:

    Thank you ,young man! My baking is a train wreck,only the squirrels can eat my cookies!

  15. Canned Pizza says:

    I fucked up so bad lol, when I was making chocolate scoop I didn’t have brown sugar so I used white sugar, and it tasted like sHIT

  16. chunkymonkey55555 says:

    I was but starring at shadows!

  17. Ultra Lazer says:

    I make awesome oatmeal raisin cookies.

  18. MY My says:

    Brown sugar best …white sugar poision…

  19. Конрад Лейк says:

    Brown sugar will harden some time after opened, making it unusable in recipes. To solve this use a combination of White Sugar and Molasses. It will have the same effect as brown sugar, and can be stored easily.

  20. J Lynn says:

    Thanks for the video!! I didn't know what a difference in the type of sugar could make.. I'm a little confused though.. would you want to make white bread with white sugar to keep it soft or will brown sugar make it soft?? I want to make my own white bread but haven't tried it yet and want to start out using the right sugar😊

  21. mahesh muthusamy says:

    Yes sir, brown sugar is having more vitamins and minerals, good for health, but white sugar is harmful to human body, to make white sugar adding more chemicals to bleach at the time of processing. Don't consume white sugar please.

  22. mahesh muthusamy says:

    Brown sugar is having molasses, it's not separated and having more vitamins and minerals. But white sugar is harmful to human body and one of cancer causing agent. Having more sulphur. If you burn it easily burning. But brown sugar is not burning.

  23. Helen Bivin George says:

    When the chocolate cake recipe asks for white sugar but I wish to use brown sugar, what then? Could you help with the ratio i.e sweetness and measurement required of brown to white sugar? Thank you.

  24. loverofsunflowers says:

    FINALLY IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! Thank you for the video! where is the powdered sugar? I want to know what happens when you mix brown sugar and powdered sugar together.

  25. Kyla Johnston says:

    If u only have white sugar just put a little bit of water in the cookie doe.

  26. HoneyedHylian says:

    I use some of both in mine. It makes them crispy around the edges and outside, while still being soft and slightly chewy in the middle.

  27. A W 2 says:

    Dan Souza earlier video without his beard. Still looking good. But I want to know which sugar to use in which proportion to which other sugar to get the most chewy cookies. I don't think the video made that clear enough for me. Also, sugar from beets or from canes? Which is sweeter or even which is less costly to use in recipes, or are they both the same?

  28. diggles27 says:

    He like Alton Brown's apathetic nephew

  29. Garlic Slut says:

    Did you measure the sugar by weight or by volume?

  30. Sazy Plew says:

    Fascinating…Now I can better solve the dilemma of do I want a chewy or crunchy cookie!
    Question: can I use this information by looking at the ingredients list of packaged cookies to predict if the cookies will be chewy/crunchy or does bake time also play a role?

  31. Ka Kei Yeung says:

    I miss this series

  32. onlythewise1 says:

    white people are more sweeter

  33. Duchamp'sFountain says:

    Technically, shouldn't you have massed the sugar not measured by volume? I suspect a 1/4 of brown sugar is less sugar than the white. The point is still proven by this experiment, as the brown sugar still absorbed more water, but it is slightly askew data I think. Please tell me why I'm wrong if I am.

  34. Remi J says:

    i love this series and I love Dan

  35. Hmm interesting, thanks.

  36. Eva Kastelic says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the brown sugar here in Europe is nothing like the brown sugar in America? It's just not as sticky and behaves a lot more like white sugar with the exception of the colour…I'm trying to figure out why this is

  37. Sweetea says:

    Bread example was perfect for me I want to make a bread in my machine and do not have white sugar… I guess I need to get the white for this recipe

  38. Mekratrig says:

    Wot about palm sugar, coconut sugar, and molasses sugar? All if which taste bettar to me than plain regular sugar. Pls do a bakeoff between them, yes?

  39. is it really necessary to have that big long commercial before your measley 2 minute video?!!!

  40. Max says:


  41. gelato says:

    Ok but what if you were to use both brown sugar and white sugar

  42. Pocketfarmer1 says:

    I work on a seagoing tugboat and have moved mountains of sugar around the country( 14,000 ton at a time ). Before it is processed,they treat it much like sand, bulldozers and clamshell cranes. This is before it would be called food. The difference between brown sugar and white is the amount of molasses that it put back in. And despite what the labels may say , they all come out of the dominoes mill.

  43. flish0 says:

    "let's apply this information to something we do care about: COOKIES"

  44. Momo says:

    Nigga looks like he's holding up his breasts. And what's with that face?

  45. Bob Robert says:

    isn't brown sugar just white sugar sprayed with molasses. if you take a grain of brown sugar and split it in two the inside is white.

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