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🙏I want to take the time to thank God first and also thank everyone who takes the time to watch my videos. I truly appreciate it.

♡ Meals in the Video ♡
• Gyro Salad
• Pizza
• Nachos
• Beef Barbacoca
• Spaghetti

Hi guys and welcome back to another What’s for Dinner? Today’s Foodie video I am going to show you simple family dinner ideas and meals we ate during the week. If you enjoy watching What’s for Dinner videos and would like to see more feel free to hit that subscribe button and if you enjoy this video please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.

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Crystal Evans

Thank you so much for watching videos mentioned will be in the description. If you want to keep watching more what's for dinner videos here is a playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcmuI6mUrqeQowfYVPOLVNb1y6qThXE3P

Virginie Vaudran

I am waiting to be invited over for dinner 🙌🏿😂 everything you cook looks amazing 🤗

Darnell Garber

My husband is just like your daughter, he LOVES spaghetti and could seriously eat it every single day! As always another amazing video.😃

Leslie Saraiva

I agree with you. That salad bowl is gorgeous. Nancy has great taste.

Mish Olivet de Rosito

OMG!!! Everything looks so yummy!!! The nachos 🤤 My husband LOVES barbacoa! Tried it once in MX and made me look for the recipe since then, so its a regular at our place 😉 THANKS SO MUCH darling for sharing, today I was running out of cooking ideas LOL Have a nice weekend ❤

Margaret Falero

I will be praying for her. What she is dealing with is an unclean spirit. Make sure you bring the congregation to her home so that they can pray together with her. Mark 9:29 but read Mark 9:14–29. Jesus tells us what we have to do. Love seeing your sweeties together making pizzas, they are going to be strong mighty women of God when they grow up. I just know

Tina’s Journey

Love the nacho cheese from smart and final! That’s where we get it also! We’ve tried other brands and their not the same 🤢😂

Simone Alana

Hi Crystal. Love your wooden bowl and the salad in there looks gorgeous. Lovely to see your girls making the pizza. I don't think I have bought nachos cheese before or seen it here. The salsa looks amazing. Love how you plate everything up. I am gonna try the pinto beans. My hubby loves goat. I think I would be at your mum in laws everyday…her food looks phenomenal! The sauce looks rich and tasty and I can imagine the beef melts in your mouth. I separate my bolognese from the pasta too. The bolognese looked so rich and tasty too. I think Micah would be the same wanting spaghetti too everyday. I am so pleased your Mum in law is better. Have a fab weekend xxx

Theclastyle Munroe

Thanks for sharing with us your presentation everything looks good💚💚

Darlene Hamilton

Hi Crystal! Love your videos!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the cheese grater. Thank you!!

Sweetbabies Sweetlife

Girl u makes so bomb food and I love to see when ur kids help u 🥰 mines always trynna help but I don’t have patience I just wanna hurry up and cook so I can eat instead of trynna teach them lol they can learn how to heat up things for now 😅

Gabrielle Murphy

Those nachos looks so good! I’d throw a little lettuce and sour cream on top too and I’d be in heaven. All of this week’s recipes looked great.

Debi Terry

Everything looked so delicious. Prayer for your Mom in law, that she feels good , again.❤️🙏❤️😃

Holo Holo Adventures

I love your salad bowl. I like how you spruced up a salad. I have a tendency to make boring salads.
That gluten free zucchini pizza kit looks cool. I picked up something similar in the past from Costco. Love me some barbacoa.

Nancy Anderson

So happy to see you enjoying the salad bowl. Your salad looked so delicious. Blessings to you all.

Kathy Cunningham

OMG, how delicious and some so easy to make. I love pizza and watching the girls help make them. Awww how cute!! Thanks for a terrific video and I’m looking forward to making the gyro salad.
Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Angela Mullis

Everything looked so yummy and your beautiful littles helping make the pizza…priceless! Thanks so much for sharing!

Krystel Lefrançois Bédard

Holaa Crystal, ustedes tienen una familia muy hermosa. Me encanta sus recetas y sus Costco haul. Un abrazo desde Québec, Canada 🇨🇦 ☺️♥️

Lynetta Locke

I absolutely LOVE your channel, you and your family are so humble and loving. All of your food looked amazing, I want to make the nachos and gyro salad. I think the nachos will be awesome for the halloween party I'm going to. Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoy your channel.

claire steed

Can I please have your Mother In Law? lol The food looks amazing!

The Long Run with Joel and Christy

Great recipes. Loved seeing your kids involved in making the pizzas. 💕

My type of organised Jai

Loved it as always,I'd be there for the spag bowl too,love it. Oh and the rice. I'm so pleased your mother-in-law is doing better xx

Kathy Conger

Wow! I thought it all looked great! I get such a kick out of Estrella loving spaghetti! 🍝Many blessings. I will keep your mother in law in my prayers! So glad she’s feeling better! 😊

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