What's For Dinner? (#122) | Easy Deep Dish Pizza Recipe | Easy Dinner Ideas!

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe:

ALDI Haul:

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I’m married to the love of my life and we recently welcomed our first baby. Every day is an adventure in life AND food!

I’m always on the hunt for good BBQ and a great bargain. I enjoy cooking, baking, trying new recipes, taste tests, and meal planning. I also enjoy grocery shopping and trying out new products, so you’ll see a lot of grocery hauls.

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Rizvi Kitchen

Like1 Wow awesome dear keep rocking joined u hope to c u in my kitchen soon stay connected 😊🥰👍😊👏

Laura Beaulieu

Cacio e Pepe is its own sauce, that’s why is doesn’t taste like Alfredo

Veronica VT

Grilled Zucchini looks good. That Pepperoni pizza looks like woooooow. Did you cover it and bake? Kung Pao Chicken is so delicious. Lovely dinners Andrea… Hope your little one is doing good 😊👍

Susan Cooper

I made that pasta starter sauce and we threw it out! None of us liked it I was bummed

Mahogany Gordon

I have breakfast for dinner all the time. I have the same pizza crust haven't used them yet, the pizza looked good. How was it?

Cooking with Kory

Everything looking delicious. I wonder if just one pizza crust would work. I love breakfast for supper. That Harrison is getting a little wild. Lol. Have a great, Andrea!


That deep dish look like a fun dish to cook with my children. Looks good. I agree with Aldi's produce going bad too quickly. That is why I don't buy it from there too often. I hope yall are having a great week so far. 😁


Yum love zuchinni,good rolls caesar salad is good breakfast dinner for is good,pizza sounds good,hot and spicy pepporoni is good not to hot but good,yum kung pao chicken

Parnell The Chef

Hi, Andrea! More great meals!
Those yeast rolls look like something really convenient to have on hand.
I haven't had issues with Aldi produce; honestly, it seems to last just as long as produce from elsewhere…at least for me…
Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the pizza. Realizing you messed up a recipe is frustrating. I am sure you will adjust the pizza recipe.
Once again, I need an air fryer, haha
Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

TaShonda Renae

I used to eat fried egg sandwiches, and my eggs had to look exactly like yours. I probably would love that homemade pizza. I can take the crust any way! TFS

Kathy Conger

Hi Andrea! I know its aggravating when you add too much of something in a recipe or dish! I’ve done it MANY times! I do always par bake my crust like that! (I’ve had doughy crust before!) Yuck! I also add some seasonings to the dough to give it some flavor. Maybe it’s just me, but I think pizza dough from a package is kinda flavorless. But your end result looked really good! Another week of really great looking food! We don’t eat zucchini here either! But if I did, I thought Howard’s zucchini looked great! I thought Howard did a great job! I have been trying to use some of the stuff I’ve had around for awhile too! I haven’t had to buy butter in over a year now & I’m going to have to now, because the other 4lb tubs of butter are clear down in the bottom of my freezer & I can’t get to them right now because the freezer is so packed! I feel blessed to have what I have though! Have a great day! 😊💜 yes our produce from Aldi goes bad fast also. Wonder why? If my granddaughter gets Caesar salad, she has to eat it in 2 days or I have to throw it out! I’ve noticed it with other things too!? Hmmm???

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