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New TSA Rule for Food

If you are flying during 2020 with food, here are the latest transportation security administration changes for how your food is screened. These security changes apply to any snack or solid food in your carry-on suitcase or personal item bag. Because of the transmissibility of Covid-19 the TSA does not want their frontline officers to touch or have contact with your food. If you do not follow the new rules for packing food, you may be asked to leave the security line, repack it correctly and then get in the back of the line to be screened again. For months now food has obstructed clear images with airport security x-ray screening, requiring an officer to pull you from the line so he/she can personally inspect your snack. This x-ray screening procedure takes time, it takes personnel and there is the chance of transmitting germs to you as well as to the officer. So the TSA unrolled this x-ray screening change to start the middle of June 2020.
Based on my video with the other changes by TSA, some of you wondered what snacks are allowed. how to pack them. These airplane snacks can be packaged or food from your home in a plastic bag. Apples, grapes, fish crackers, a chicken salad sandwich, and chips all count as food. You are allowed to have a plastic bag of goldfish crackers. #tsarule #howtopackfood #traveltip

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  1. ftwi1 says:

    Thanks Laurie,, this info is so helpful especially for me and my family who haven’t traveled for almost 2 years. And so just wanna make sure,,you can only bring fresh produce if you’re traveling domestic?

  2. xxbarshawaad says:

    I have a question if you may see this but can you bring honey and peanut butter?

  3. Charlotte Mcnulty says:

    How do I travel with a child in a five seat car seat?

  4. Juicytails to tale says:

    So I can bring a full jar of peanut butter and everything different item of food has to be in there own bag ??

  5. Donna Neal says:

    I have a freezable Packit snack bag where the sides freeze and you put your cold snack or sandwich in. If I temporarily put my snacks in a clear bag, what do I do with the Packit snack bag? Can it go in the bin? It has a gel that freezes but its all sealed inside the bag…. Thanks!

  6. zzyzxy1 says:

    TSA is so full of crap it's not even funny
    In Europe nobody taked shoes off – only in the States
    USA has become a joke to travel to

  7. IdiotWaffle says:

    Question, because of the covid situation, will airport vendors selling snacks and drinks be accepting cash or is it card only? Or does it vary by airport to airport? Also these videos have been incredibly helpful with easing my anxiety since I rarely travel let alone by plane!

  8. Gucci Jays says:

    Or they can pull everyone off frontline

  9. Denny Nguyen says:

    Hey, does the quart sized bag rule apply to food? Can I use a gallon bag for my snacks? Thanks!

  10. Tech Man says:

    Is Puerto Rico considered leaving the country? I understand is a US Territory, I ask because you mentioned some produce cannot leave the country.

  11. Glory Grace K. says:

    My Mom want's to know……if you buy say McDonalds before security, can you put the brown bag in the clear, or do you need to take the items out and put it in the bag and/or take the food itself out of the packaging into something like plastic wrap? She has only flown a couple times ever, the last being in the early to mid 90's.

  12. D Egypt says:

    Just so I'm clear, is it 1 large plastic clear bag per person or can I bring more than 1 large one full of food?

  13. Tiger and Gooner says:

    Are you allowed to bring Sandwich or Banana on a plane 🥪🍌

  14. Bob Fotoples says:

    How about TSA PreCk? Do we have to do this too? It would be nice if you made a video pertaining ONLY to TSA PreCk people.

  15. What about water? Can I bring some with me on the plane? I only have 1 personal item bag

  16. Kat stiehm says:

    Who searched “snacks on a plane”?

  17. eexy richie says:

    Nice review. I need to know this,apart from bringing snacks.Can one bring soft drink to the TSA security?

  18. Abigail Gerlach says:

    Snacks: M&M's, sweet red pepper slices, parmesan goldfish crackers, cucumber slices with salmon spread, OR rotisserie chicken pieces in honey mustard dressing (a bit messy, but yummy).

  19. Marie Explorer says:

    I have plastic container with rice & salmon cooked can I bring it ?

  20. Guyerbassist says:

    Jeeze. Tsa is such a joke anymore. When I go to Ireland in December now I have to have a bag for shoes and jacket, tray for laptop, tray for backpack, tray for my dslr camera… Let me just make everyone mad by taking 8 bins

  21. Katie Meyer says:

    Can I pack those tuna spread with cracker snack packs??

  22. Cassy Green says:

    Thanks for all the helpful information! I am surprised that peanut products are allowed because of air born allergy issues.

  23. paula pancake says: basically put food in plastic baggies and check it in the tube. Got it wonderful…thank you

  24. Sweet Escape says:

    Hi!!! 🙋‍♀️ one question about the bag for the snacks, does it matter the size like for example the liquids bag there’s a specific size for it or it doesn’t matter? If that makes sense 🙄

  25. Jamie Messenger says:

    I have celiac disease so I need to bring my own snacks with me on the plane you can’t always buy gluten free snacks at the airport and the airplane

  26. Bristol is Home says:

    Such good info, I didn't realize this was a new rule. Will def keep this in mind.

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