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Instant Dry Yeast vs Active Dry Yeast

Here it is, to answer your question about the difference (and similarities) between instant and active dry yeast. Please follow through the entire video so you will fully understand the difference in the process of using these 2 different yet similar yeasts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comment section down below.

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  1. Rich C. Kitchen says:

    If you find this video useful, please consider subscribing. Maraming salamat po and God bless!

  2. comedy prank says:

    Yeast is not activated I have tryed atlist 20 times but unsuccessfuly failed plz provide me solution

  3. Olive Botor says:

    How come you don’t use the whole egg? What’s the reason for just the yolk?

  4. Raahi YouTube says:

    Muh me jaban nehi hai kya ? Gunga kahika 👎

  5. mady Guindin says:

    With rapid rise you don't need all that but still no luck with my dough. I use fresh rapid rise yeast

  6. mady Guindin says:

    I use rapid rise and y dough want rise ? Can you tell me why ?

  7. Valeen 78 says:

    Thank you for this demonstration. Some people still add the instance dry yeast to lukewarm water for some reason.

  8. Ritz Adona says:

    Its better talaga na mag research muna , at very helpful s part ko na mapanood ito, salamat po chef di n ako confused s gagamitin kong yeast. God bless po.

  9. Beatrice Wanjiku says:

    To all cooking n baking demonstrators. Thanks for your shows. We value the knowledge we get. However, kindly try to write in bigger letters as some of us have poor eye sight hence straining the eyes is not healthy. Just a request.

  10. Testing different yeast methods this week. Thanks for the info

  11. Nancy Hensley says:

    Great video, I am learning to make bread currently and just wondering if you go from this to forming a loaf or does it need to rise anymore after you work with it…using instant yeast?

  12. Joé says:

    Thanks, it was helpful 👍

  13. Lolita CB says:

    Do you have no knead dough recipe?

  14. 073Essar Jan says:

    We used whole wheat flour with instant yeast but no result, where are we making mistake?

  15. Shwetambari says:

    Instant dry yeast se cake kaise bna sakte h

  16. Ammu Kutty says:

    Vry useful….thank you so much🙏

  17. Iya Asuncion says:

    Can i ferment instant yeast dough? Im trying to make pizza dough and i want it to have bubbles.

  18. Titu Khalu says:

    Very helpful video for new beginners.

  19. rosalyn Parija says:

    Hi po pag po active dry yeast dapat pa po ilagay muna sa warm water or milk bago ilagay sa harina?

  20. Flores Vargas says:

    Does anybody know what happens when you put instant yeast into water then add it to the flour, can you still make pizza with it?

  21. Mang Peps Cuisine says:


  22. jennylyn laguerta says:

    Pwede po ba sa stand mixer mag knead?

  23. Paul Canning says:

    I prefer to rise with the living bread. thanks for the video. I use instant yeast. which yeast do you prefer to use?

  24. vivi says:

    which one do you think will give me a fluffier result ?

  25. RangeOP says:

    What type of flour did you use

  26. Jennifer Hutchison says:

    You actually added MORE instant yeast, 1t of instant yeast is 3.15g and active dry yeast is only 2.83g. Active dry yeast has a coating on it that needs to be dissolved first, instant does not, hence you can add without dissolving first. Using Baker's percentages you would want to have 2% of active dry yeast in a recipe and only 1% of instant yeast in a recipe. Hopefully this is helpful 🙂

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