How do you store fresh basil for the short or long term in the freezer?

I’ll show you an easy and quick way to preserve basil for short or long term storage in the freezer. This method keeps everything tasting just as fresh as the day it was picked!

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Elvis 1357

Ok…what am I doing wrong….first timer here…got a small pot from the Nursery with 6 stems in it. After 2 weeks repotted the WHOLE plant in an 8 inches high pot. Some video suggested to cut the Coteyledons and I did and now ALL 6 stems are about 9 inches high, bare looking and so stiff and lifeless! All leaves are bitter to taste…as I didn't cut the flowers at the right time…..shall I replant the 6 stems in 6 DIFFERENT pots or throw them out? Cheers from Toronto….

ESTRILLA abo-abo

Hi ma'am I'm from Philippines watching your vlog nice

Heather Johnson

when you store the smaller leaves in the fridge do you take the stems off?

Vivian Umehai-Appleton

Thanks so much👏. My basil plant is overgrown and i did not want it to go to waste like last season.


Thank you! I think this is the freshest way to preserve Basil. I was feeling guilty pruning my plants for more growth and having to toss so many leaves but this is perfect, quick and easy. It just makes sense!

Fionnuala Hussey McCarthy

This is great. My local market sells huge bunches of basil and I don't buy every time as I cry when it goes bad before I use same. Now I can freeze it. Thank you, Natalina, I have once again learnt something new.

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