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6 Cleaning Products Combinations To NEVER Mix | Bleach and Ammonia

Cleaning products you should NEVER mix!!

My friends today is a cleaning product intervention. My goal is to prevent you from doing something stupid and accidentally hurting yourself or someone else.

I’m going over 6 cleaning product combinations you should NEVER mix together.

1.) Bleach & Vinegar : Creates Chlorine gas

2.) Different types of drain cleaners: Can cause an explosion

3.) Baking Soda & Vinegar: Creates an ineffective cleaning solution.

4.) Bleach & Ammonia: Creates Chloramine gas

5.) Bleach & Rubbing Alcohol: Creates Chloroform

6.) Hydrogen Peroxide & Vinegar: Create Peracetic Acid

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  1. Pajilla Dela Cruz says:

    One day my grandma made the mistake of mix bleach and drain muriatic acid,I almost die smelling that while I was cleaning… I have to be in front an air fan for an hour.

  2. Brad Salas says:

    Another weapon to add to my arsenal for when BLM & ANTIFA decides to riot again!!!!!

  3. Kallen says:

    Isis be like: noted ✍️

  4. 64-BIT says:

    theres ammonia in pee right??? so im scared im gonna die because my mom put bleach in the toilet

  5. 64-BIT says:

    my mom just mixed them and im not feeling too well

  6. julius ochoa says:

    So now I know how to make poison gas. Now I will be going to the trenches

  7. Sharpie says:

    also, the only reason I found this video was that I mixed a small amount of vinegar and bleach but got curious about what might happen, so I googled it and found this vid then quickly dumped it out. thanks for the save man. <3

  8. Sharpie says:

    I've been using vinegar and baking soda to clean my Washing Machine… I'm an idiot!

  9. tom249664 says:

    Dude I’m pretty sure I almost killed my self by accident when I was a kid. I don’t even remember school’s teaching is not to mix this crap

  10. Big Nuggy says:

    I mixed bleach and ammonia together when I was a kid, it got really hot and foamy and it was impossible to take a sniff

  11. yeet 21 says:

    I cleaned my bathroom with mr clean bleach and i ran out so i used lysol spray and now im scared im not going to lie…..

  12. Hey its Lucid says:

    If i spray windex on disinfectant spray will that make chlorine gas

  13. michael harris says:

    Im watching this becouse i cleaned with bleach one day and ammonia the next from the same mop bucket. I got really dizzy and i knew something was wrong. I always clean with all the windows open, so that's what saved me. even the residue from chemicals mixed with a new chemical a day later can hurt or even kill you. Check ingredients on all in one cleaners!.

  14. -Hondunu- says:

    This is really helpful, thanks. I won't make mistakes when I'm cleaning anything.

  15. Imlonelyanditstru says:

    FBI, it’s for a school project I promise

  16. Eternal or something says:

    Dear my special agent.
    I am just trying to know what not to do

  17. DANI M. Sag says:

    I'm trying to find out how to get rid of the fumes

  18. DavidRomeRecording says:

    What about Paint thinner and ammonia?

  19. PokéNik says:

    So basically, don’t mix bleach with ANYTHING

  20. johnlewisbrooks says:

    FBI BEATING DOOR: Open up!
    ME:…what MONEY?

  21. Conrail Fan says:

    What’s worse is that mustard gas causes blistering of the skin and later infections
    Also chlorine gas was also one of the gases used during WW1

  22. ShaSanction says:

    I’m once mixed alcohol and bleach it was on the floor I didn’t mean to but the smell or chemicals made me feel woozy instantly and it my first instinct was to get as far as possible

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