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5 Simple Drinks to Clear Acne & Inflammation + Boost Immune System 🍵

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Inflammation within our bodies are the root cause for many frustrating skin conditions including acne, eczema and dermatitis! So to really understand what all these different ingredients can play, today Fel share’s with you her favorite natural drinks to really help clear the skin and get rid of acne and blemishes from the inside out! 🍵Some of these ingredients have been around for centuries and have long proven benefits for the skin, body and mind – including turmeric, spearmint and apple cider vinegar. We also give coffee alternatives, to make sure we don’t stress out the adrenal glands and dehydrate our bodies with too much caffeine! The ways different ingredients and herbal remedies help to soothe and aid our body is amazing so make sure to watch to the end to find out, and tell us what your favorite natural remedies are! 🤓

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5 Anti-Acne Drinks for Clear & Glowing Skin

️Simple Healthy Drink Recipe for Mornings


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“Therapeutic Roles of Curcumin: Lessons Learned from Clinical Trials”

“Biochemical Markers of Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress in Acne Vulgaris: Correlation with Disease Activity”

“Decrease in Glutathione May be Involved in Pathogenesis of Acne Vulgaris”


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  1. Mark Zuckerberg says: Laboratory and clinical research have not confirmed any medical use for curcumin. It is difficult to study because it is both unstable and poorly bioavailable.

  2. Pardeep Chopra says:

    I have had acne for years almost 15 years struggled with new pimples here there but not at 36 yrs of age realized what I was doing wrong was my diet . The only rule is to stop the intake of added sugar and excess salty food like any kind of chips or namkeen which has too much of salt, it dehydrated your skin and brings out excessive oil on hr face in the form of pimple . Try this for two weeks guys and see the result for yourself. I also take skin care pack of planet ayurveda whichis more reactive and good effective. You can also try this.

  3. Travel With Niki says:

    love them

  4. Sindhu G says:

    I start my day with hot turmeric water… It does wonders..
    Its awesome❤️

  5. Sindhu G says:

    Water is the best anti acne therapy…
    Besides drinking 3 litres of water we must include the following to clear n cleanse our system…
    1. Carrots 2. Tomatoes 3. Green tea
    4. Beetroots 5. Spinach 6. Almonds 7. Lemons 8. Turmeric
    These r acne clearing foods…

  6. Addy Jamil says:

    What kind of milk u use for the turmeric latte? Sounds not so clear.

  7. andy maj says:

    Can you use black paper for the tumeric thing?

  8. SCE-11 SOHINI PALIT says:

    Can't we use cow's milk

  9. Namia Hasan says:

    I want u guys to be careful about these drinks as I myself n people around me face this problem. Our body has natural heat inside and when it gets trapped it mostly comes out in acne form, eating/drinking anything that is hot will worsen your situation. I live where the weather is mostly hot, so we consume hot things (dry fruits, sea food, Turmeric tea, eggs etc) in winters only n I got breakout even then 🙄 taking them in summer is a death wish… Cuzz the temperature is mostly 35°C which can go to 44°C… The best things to cool things down internally (also helps combat Summer heat) r yogurt, aloe, neem (Azadirachta indica/Indian lilac tree leaves), herbs (that have cooling agent), mint, cardamom, fruits (take care when taking mangoes cuzz they r hot. Leave them in water overnight before consuming). Take gaps when eating eggs. Quails meat n eggs r worst only few people can bear it cuzz they r extremely hot (it's called taaseer in Urdu).
    Best option:
    Neem drink and paste apply on acne 🙂 ps. Its very bitter..
    Worst options if u have trapped heat:
    Turmeric milk, quails, cinnamon, fish, dry fruits. Don't consume them in summer, acne will worsen even worst ur brain veins can burst hence nose bleed my fiance gets that after eating peanuts even in winter 🙁 please take care everyone…

  10. zemorkel says:

    Lucky for matt stonie

  11. Su Shi says:

    Are those drinks good for teenagers too?

  12. WEIRD Sparkle says:

    I tried drinking pure neem juice daily . And daaaaaammmmm men it really was awesome i get rid of all my pimples and tanning in just 1 week , I drank it in the morning before brakefast just 1 spoon cuz its taste is just disgusting😫😝 but really affected . It clean your blood which will help all organs to work , not properly but perfectly 😎 which will clear are acne remove our tanning help weight loss and can even grow your hieght . It works as a detox water which is 10 tims pure

  13. Mokshada Gupta says:

    okay whoever is of Indian origin here knows how greeeaaaaat haldi doodh [ turmeric golden latte] is, n tbh I drink it from childhood every night idts it has helped me much with pimples coz I still used to get them during early period years (13 -16) but it does help a lot with maintaining your health, to boost your immune people start drinking turmeric milk especially if you have cold or during winters to keep you warm ⛄

  14. Andrea Sanchez says:

    omg I love her laugh😂

  15. Syncrol says:

    i know all this , but its always good to keep hearing it since i tend to just fall back into bad food habits , especially good to hear that from such a energy pumped woman haha . good video thumbs up !

  16. Akeno Amida says:

    I made used of herbal medicine from Madidaherbalcenter on my herpes virus, I felt lucky for my friend to have known about this herbal doctor from YouTube. This herbal medicine completely eradicated my herpes virus.

  17. Mella Moon says:

    I testify! The first drink cleared my acne in 1 week!! I suffered so badly from hormonal acne and it cleared by drinking it each morning. It'll make u full so it is a good diet drink as well! Thanks Felicia 😍

  18. Thartei KT says:

    Any vinegar will do?

  19. Thartei KT says:

    I don't like junk food and oily foods still I got pimples all the time

  20. Meryam Hirsi says:

    What kind of milk can we use instead of cow in the tumeric juice and thank you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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