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Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe from The Mediterranean Dish

This bold, saucy cilantro lime chicken takes on a delicious Mediterranean twist. FULL RECIPE πŸ‘‰

πŸ”Ή 8 chicken thighs bone in, skin on
πŸ”Ή Private Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil
πŸ”Ή 6 garlic cloves roughly chopped
πŸ”Ή 1 cup dry white wine
πŸ”Ή 2 limes juice of
πŸ”Ή 2 cups chicken broth
πŸ”Ή 1 bunch cilantro stems removed, chopped; more for garnish

πŸ”Ή 1 tsp seasoned salt like this one
πŸ”Ή 1 tsp sweet Spanish paprika or hot paprika, if you like
πŸ”Ή 1 tsp black pepper
πŸ”Ή 1 tbsp garlic powder
πŸ”Ή 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg


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  1. Oliver Oziel says:

    Now, I am not a good cook, this made me a great cook. Very tasty, enlightening, zesty, super nice. Will experiment with a little bit more paprika.

  2. Beannie Girl says:

    I gotta tell you, I made this yesterday for dinner and paired it with garlic, lime, cilantro cauliflower rice and my 15 year old daughter fell in love!!😍 after she tried it, she was asking me to make it again before she even sat down to eat it lol!! Thank you!!!βœŒπŸ’œ

  3. Sandra Elalouf says:

    You were not kidding about this sauce! I can’t believe how juicy and so delish the chicken came out!

  4. She Writes Chile says:

    What did you cover you skillet with? I need one of those.

  5. Indian Food Made Right says:

    I love cilantro! Being Indian we use it all the time. Can't wait to try your recipe!

  6. Leon Campbell says:

    I love how easy it is to follow her instructions…I will be making this for my family soon!

  7. Jason Burke says:

    This recipe is amazing! So good with rice or pasta. I spice it up a bit with extra red pepper flakes. Keep the recipes coming!

  8. Robert Mitchell says:

    Sublimal message
    My goal is to get it BROWN
    I like mines BROWN

    Ok I suppose ok white boys need to move on
    Lol πŸ˜†

  9. Sarah nez says:

    That's the key is to brown it first in the pan very easy then to cook it in the oven

  10. oscarchong says:

    What is season salt ?

  11. Josh Christiane says:

    Actually not all limes are seedless, here in California they often sell limes with seeds near where I live hahaha. This recipe looks amazing! Can't wait to try it.

  12. ButterNutz says:

    What are the measurements for seasoning please

  13. Paul Ferralez says:

    I made this dish last night and my family is still talking about it. Thanks for a great video. Juicing the limes was my favorite part.

  14. vanguard of truth says:

    Didnt have garlic powder so I had to mince some fresh garlic and let it dry out in the sun for 2 days. Also didnt have white wine so I crushed grapes and let it ferment for a month. Now I'm ready to eat.

  15. Khadijah X says:

    Is there an alternative to wine ? For those of us who don’t consume alcohol.

  16. koi 2007 says:

    Haha u are so funnyπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Jacklin Lopez says:

    Looks delicious, are there any substitutes for the wine…as I don't consume it in any way.Would the recipe b as good?

  18. RobinLynn says:

    That looks so yummy..

  19. Aaron Eick says:

    My wife doesn’t love cilantro or lime but she loved the cilantro lime chicken. I made it following your directions. Excellent

  20. Frau Freundt says:

    I'm gonna try this! and thank you for the laugh!

  21. Cleo Jom says:

    Made this recipe a few days ago! The chicken was super juicy and flavorful definitely recommend trying

  22. Arsu Laksono says:

    the best part of dish is: the seedless lime ! haha… anyway, i watched this more than 5 times, so I'm gonna make it today…

  23. Shail says:

    It’s almost criminal to not cut it with a knife and fork, show the texture, and then eat it.

  24. Lisa Smith says:

    Bar b q the chicken it was terrific

  25. Mr. Helper says:

    The girls i meet nowadays don’t even know how to make milk and cereal

  26. Zena Hudson says:

    Hi ok can you use something else instead of wine and different broth cause no kosher I can’t have wine nor the broth if not kosher unless I can find it in a Arabic store thank u

  27. Victor Hernandez says:

    Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Sreerama says:

    Yummy.. What wine did you use and at what temperature did you bake?

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