Turkey String Elevate – Easy methods to Do It

by Jaelyn Conley

Have you ever ever discovered your self on this predicament?

You simply cooked a ravishing, 20+ pound turkey, and now it is time to slice it and serve it. However get that chook from the cooking vessle to the carving board?

Particularly exhausting is if you’ve wrapped that chook in foil. Now you discover the foil sticking to the chook, and as you attempt to carry it, there is a particular probability that an entire lot of extremely popular, steaming turkey juice will cascade out of the foil and onto you and/or your flooring.

What to do?

Probably the most handy technique of shifting a cooked turkey from its place within the wrapping foil to its place on the carving dish is thru the usage of a String Elevate. Whereas double carving forks can be utilized, the opportunity of dropping the steaming scorching chook are nonetheless excessive. Utilizing gloves is unquestionably out of the query, too!

The reply is an historic method, often called The String Elevate Method. A String Elevate is precisely what its identify implies: a lifting sling for choosing up massive, heavy, awkward objects like a cooked turkey!

The String Elevate acts as a protecting sling, surrounding the chook and making it simpler to carry and to move from cooking pan to carving dish.

Industrial String Lifts can be found, nevertheless, it’s our expertise that the majority shops do not carry the Lifts as a result of individuals are unfamiliar with them, do not know use them, and consequently business string lifts usually are not an excellent vendor.


Lower an 80″ size of heavy cotton Butcher’s twine.

Knot ends collectively to make a loop. Put a single knot in middle of loop.

Place second determine eight knot 3″ to proper of first knot.

Place third determine eight knot 3″ to the left of first knot.

Middle chook on middle knot.

Draw string loops round and up over chook’s wings and legs throughout cooking.

To Use:

Unwrap the foil from the turkey breast and the legs and wings.

Grasp a loop in every hand.

Gently carry the turkey straight up off of the foil sheet.

Ask a helper to loosen any foil that tries to cling to the turkey as it’s being hoisted.

Transfer the turkey to the slicing board and drape the Sling Elevate away from the turkey.

It isn’t essential to take away the Elevate from below the turkey whereas carving the chook.

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