TORNADO 🌪 Omelette 🍳 // VIRAL EGG Recipes

Got Skills with EGGS?? Try attempting these crazy difficult Japanese and Korean egg dishes. So much technique, but oh so satisfying when mastered!


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Extra Long Chopsticks:
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Those bottles egg whites don’t work unlike fresh egg whites and I’m not even a chef saying this ;-; I mean I tried it it was ok just use FRESH eggs for all of them

Adriana Wynn

For the omurice, cook the egg using low heat. The low heat makes the egg cook slower, and allows you to control the texture of the egg and have it be more creamy on the inside and not firm.


Rice makes fixes and is very good, trust me…..I’m an asian


Don’t do omu rice like that in america mainly just japan or anywhere else were they raise the chickens good or if you’re in america just make an egg

Rhiannon Kyle

so two people with sh*t cooking skills, watch viral egg videos, and completely fuck them up.

Ibiza Ibizacell

Bro when u make the tornado i think u forgot to give it an oil

Leon Linstead

the main reason all of these are failing is because your using fake eggs and whites and stuff from cartons it takes 5 minutes to whip egg white on average maybe a little more not an hour something wrong with that egg white lol!!!


I don't think I would like the cloud egg but I also dont think you made it right. If the egg whites you used were pasturized they wont whip up like a fresh room temperature egg. if you're going to dismiss a recipe as bad at least do it right.

Mateo Lopez

The tornado eggs you had to twist the pan not the chopsticks twisting the chopsticks causes too much stress on the eggs which results in a rip

Joao Abel

Why would you scramble eggs in that amount of oil? Call gordon ramsay, he needs to see this video

Fadila Berkani

Cloud eggs are fake

If you make the cloud eggs it might turn out like meruinge (idk how to spell it) only thr egg whites will be meruinge


is someone going to talk about the giant chopsticks ? no ? ok .

Tamagoyaki pans are not that uncommon (rectangle shaped pans used for Japanese rolled omelets).

roy vincent

it taste like a fake egg cause its out of a carton try useing realo damn eggs

Jerry Ragan

the reason why it did not fluff right was that you used a pasteurized egg whites in a box. If you would use egg whites straight from the egg it works out better. After all, you gotta put the yolk in why not just use the whole egg.

Peter Emm

Cold eggs have a much more difficult time meringuing up than eggs at room temp that have been separated. Also, in place of cream of tartar, try a few drops of vinegar.


I've done that tornado egg once… It was hard but that omurice…. That's master stuff right there…

Aaron's Vlog Tube

I made it

plays sad music It tasted bad , not cooked , underseasoned i just do not like end music
plays happy music It has the best flavours and something i would pay $1000 for end music

Just Amanda

OMG he's trying to pass that Omelette toast off as AUTHENTIC Korean street food? NO WAY….I make it and it's no way like that……so much better than that. And, he doesn't know about one of the most favorite Korean street food, Tornado Egg??? Hmmm.

Robert Carnevali

30 minutes or more to whip egg whites? No no no no no! They're basically the basis for a meringue. You can hand-whisk them in 5 minutes.

Christopher Sampson

Not going to hate on someone doing what makes them happy, awesome times with great friends is what the Soul of cooking truly is. Just a tip from a professional cook, the cloud egg and puffy eggs (in hot oil through strainer) were overcooked. The cloud egg needs just a pinch of cream of tartar and a quick wire wisking to get an airy fluffy texture at 325-350 for 10 mins then add yoke and another 4 mins in oven. The puffy egg was done properly sans your oil was too hot when adding the egg and the heat needs to be lowered to a simmer once egg is added.

Christopher Sampson

Turn the pan slightly while holding the sticks in place so it does not tear thenegg alart.

FLIPPIN' bananas

The thing is their fire is too strong…. It should be in low heat

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