Swedish Beef Lindström (Swedish Hamburger) – Recipe #21

A Swedish style steak with beetroot, capers and mustard. A MUST TRY if you like Scandinavian food!


Title: Jolly Old Nicholas (Instrumental)
Artist: E’s Jammy Jams
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Take away the beet-root and senf, serve the rest of the ingrediens RAW on a slice of ryebread, put 1-2 ekstra egg-yolk on the top, and you have the perfect Danish tartar, open face sandwich 🙂

This was at times offered to me for school lunch, except there wasn't chunks of beetroot, it was grated all over the mixture and the color was evenly deep purple. I loved them.

I have everything here to make this hamburger steak. It will be my dinner tonight! Thank you for for sharing!

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