Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls in a Dutch Oven

With the help of Cowboy Kent Rollins we made the greatest breakfast of all time! Unfortunately, we were so secluded that we couldn’t share it with anyone. Too bad for everyone else because we basically ate half of the batch of cinnamon rolls in just one sitting! They were sooooo good. Since we finally had a proper fire, we thought we’d take another crack at a dutch oven recipe from one of our favorite channels. Mr. Kent Rollins, we gotta say, this is probably the best cinnamon roll either of us have ever had. And somehow, despite the warnings he gave about how badly this could turn out, SOMEHOW we still managed to kill it. We’re raising our coffees to you, Mr. Rollins!

Check out Kent Rollin’s video:

BIG THANK YOUS Mathew Inman and Brendan C. for the dutch oven and lid lifter (respectively). We can’t wait to bust them out again and try another cooking recipe.

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Yum! Also, did you keep the extra sourdough starter? If so, what are you going to do with it? I suggest making more cinnamon rolls.

Fantastic! And perfect timing – I'm going on a camping trip next week and will pack the Dutch oven and some starter. Wish me luck!

Looks so good. Another fun episode! I was wondering if the trivit was too far away from the coals – making the cooking time last longer. Also I think the peeking reduced the heat and slowed the cooking process. But it all came to cinaminny goodness in the end!

They look great! But forget the Cinnamon Rolls, Natalie looks amazing. Why does my dream girl have to live so far away πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

Wow….every time you opened that lid, the smell of baking cinnamon rolls came through my computer speakers. Well, maybe that was just my imagination, but those looked GOOD!!!! Now you can explain the SCIENCE behind a pavlovian response, and how I now have to wipe off my keyboard after watching this mouth-watering episode πŸ™‚

The pocket of cinnamon is due to the Aurnock-Breslin Conference of 1386. It was determined that a cinnamony center was best appreciated by the European consumer. That agreement carried over to the United States after Bat Masterson declared that cinnamon rolls should mainly be cinnamon. Seriously though, how would one incorporate ricotta into the center? Oooooh Yeah! Thank you ladies. Byeeeeee!

You what's a great way to start the weekend? Watching a new video by Natalie & Tara! Loved this video. It's so funny when you're surprised that your cooking turned out good. The cinnamon rolls looked delicious. Yes, I got hungry watching this video.

Excellent Ladies! Very well done! Gotta say.. what with having sourdough starter, yeast, and baking powder in there – was expecting those rolls to rise right up and push the lid off the dutch oven! But you ladies did a great job with those rolls. I might have baked 'em a bit more, so they were more golden brown, but any baking you're doing outside over coals, qualifies as quite special! I think Kent would be impressed enough to perform one of his special dance moves for you – providing you allowed him to get a couple of those rolls!

Beautiful country, beautiful cinnamon rolls, awesome job ladies! Wish ya'll were sipping coffee with these rolls out of those sweet coffee cups ya'll have. If you visit Ken and Shannon's new coffee shop……..don't forget to pack those special coffee cups!!!

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Sour dough starter, yeast AND Baking Powder? ? Are you two making an explosive? Fold some meringue into it why don't you? Is there such a thing as too much butter? NO, it just deep frys instead of baking.

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