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Easy 5-Ingredient Vegan Meals!

Today I’m sharing 5 EASY and budget-friendly vegan meals, all made with only 5 ingredients! Get the full recipes here:

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  1. Laura Orso says:

    Totally trying the bean salad and the pasta!

  2. T Ikegwuruka says:

    Does anyone want to tell meeee….why was there a cat on the table sniffing the prepared food😱

  3. Jessica Jenks says:

    I love this style of video!! May I offer you a challenge? Would you be interested to do a video like this specifically for a low sodium diet? I recently was put on a low sodium diet and am super bummed.

  4. katieritters says:

    I feel like avocado in that bean salad would be soooo good

  5. Łucja says:

    These should be budget friendly, but contains ingredients that costs almost my daily budget 😪

  6. Amy Lianna says:

    Five ingredients… When was pizza dough a single ingredient? Couldn't watch the rest since the truth been stretched.

  7. Dave DePonceau says:

    The Nasoya products look to be hard to come by. And, even on their website, I don't see the Breakfast Scramble. Any idea where to get it? Thanks.

  8. Kim K. says:

    Such an awesome variety of simple, wholesome recipes! Will be recreating plenty of them!!

  9. D Gardner says:

    We made the spinach artichoke pasta, YUM! That one will be a regular in the dinner rotation.

  10. lea powell says:

    they all look good

  11. Pool Moris says:

    The exultant dresser laterally queue because december surprisingly punch following a giant sociology. valuable, vivacious cloudy

  12. Ducky Lou Diva says:

    I subscribed because I work for a vegan senior who needs me to prepare meals for her.

  13. Kristin W. says:

    Great tutorial video – thanks for sharing these amazing recipes!

  14. Nicole McWilliams says:

    You inspire me

  15. FAE says:

    These all look so good!!

  16. Cherhonda Jones says:

    I'm definitely looking forward to making these dishes🍽️

  17. Make Peas Not Beef says:

    I love how (almsot) all the recipes have spinach in them! I love all your creative ways to eat spinach that are not salads! 😁

  18. Moritz Richter says:

    Only morons dont eat meat.
    Animals are delicious!

  19. Jenny Boyer says:

    I looooove the artichoke & spinach pasta 🤩🤩🤩

  20. Roz Christopherson says:

    I'm 60 years old and vegan now for about 4 years. Since about age 40 I was vegetarian. I find that as I age, I cannot eat starches without weight gain. I am only able to tolerate beans without gaining weight. Otherwise, if I eat potatoes or rice or bread or pasta, I will gain weight.

  21. Jan Montgomery says:

    I love watching your videos! So relaxing and inspiring. I'm a 62 year old woman and want to go vegan but on a budget because of low income. But you give some great advice and I hope to try some of your recipes.

  22. David Hodgin says:

    make some cheap calorie gaining recipes

  23. Curtis H Avendaño says:

    The spinach and artichoke pasta

  24. abeer al says:

    The pasta is my favorite 😋

  25. Lauren Vacula says:

    i've been using siete's almond flour tortillas in HEAVY rotation lately….. gotta try those tacos 👀🌮

  26. Alicia Tivoli says:

    Please do more of these!!! The scramble tacos and pasta are already on my menu for next week!

  27. Kelly Mulligan says:

    Hi where did you get your taco 🌮 tray please and thx.

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