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Quick And Easy Neer Dosa Recipe – Mangalore Style Neer Dosa – Special Dosa Recipe – Varun

Learn how to make South Indian Special Neer Dosa at home with Chef Varun

The Mangalorean Neer Dosa Recipe is a simple, quick recipe to make. Neer dosa is made purely from rice and combined along with coconut. Neer Dosa has a very soft texture.

Desi style dosa from Mangalore region of Karnataka. The dosa is light, thin and aerated well. The batter must be fermented with coconut milk thus giving the authentic flavor to this dish. You can serve it along with Grassi and Sweet coconut chutney.
It’s a Southindian special Neer Dosa, easy to make and tasty to eat. Very less hassle for a beautiful outcome. Neer dosa is a very popular Karnataka breakfast fare, which literally means ‘water crepe’ since the batter is of flowing watery consistency.
This is a dish made out of rice and is unique to the region of South Karnataka and Udipi district. ‘Neer’ in Kannada and Tulu language translates to water. Special Dosa for all the members of the family.
The beauty in the preparation of Neer Dosa is its simplicity in the use of ingredients, which is mainly rice & can be quickly made for a healthy, especially for children. It is Quick and Easy Neer Dosa recipe.
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1 cup Rice (soaked)
1/4 cup Water
Fresh Coconut (grated)
3/4 & 1 cup Water (into the bowl)

Method: Let’s start with Grinding Rice (Soaked) with water and then add in Fresh Coconut (grated). Now grind it all into a smooth paste, then transfer it into the Bowl with water added in (as shown in the video) then add in Salt, stir it properly. Now, Heat up the Oil in the and smear it all over the pan using the tissue paper.
Once the pan is hotter add in the Batter (as shown in the video), and let it cook for medium to low flame for 30 to 40 seconds. After 40 seconds lift from the side and fold in quarters, take it out in a serving plate. Do the same with remaining batter and your Neer Dosa is ready to serve.

Host: Varun Inamdar
Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited

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  5. Odeh Mustapha says:

    I highly recommended baneknack on Instagram for he helped me decrypted my file

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    It is called Ghavane in Maharashtra

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    Please guide if the batter can be stored in fridge and used later????

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    मूर्ख तू मराठी आहेस याची मला लाज वाटते

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