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One Pot & One Pan Dinner Ideas – 3 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes!

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Learn how to whip up an easy healthy dinner in just ONE pot, on ONE skillet, or on ONE sheet pan! I’ve got 3 one pan dinner ideas that’ll make weeknight cooking a breeze: my sheet pan shrimp and asparagus, almond crusted pan fried tilapia, and a one pot pot roast cooked in a dutch oven!

These one pan meals are all nutritious AND delicious dinner ideas that are sure to satisfy. But do you know what the BEST thing about any sheet pan meal or one pot / one pan dinner is?

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  1. Mind Over Munch says:

    Which S. Pellegrino Essenza flavor do you want to try most? Are you more of a sheet pan, skillet, or dutch oven fan!?

  2. Sprinkle McCringleberry says:

    Tilapia wouldn’t be the best choice bc it lacks omega 3 and basically triples that in omega 6. On top of that most tilapia is scientifically engineered and in most cases strictly farm raised. While some say that farm raising isn’t bad, people prefer wild caught over farm raised bc the fish live in a working and constantly changing ecosystem. I’m not a marine biologist but I do know tilapia is one of the least healthy fish. It’s more or less just a cheap cheap fish 🥴🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. My Meaningful Life says:

    I have tried all of them! I have been drinking them for a couple of months now

  4. 1tinac says:

    The tangerine wild strawberry one. Yum. Thanks for sharing all of the great suppers.

  5. Angelfox Studio says:

    Made the shrimp one was really good.

  6. Cindy Edwards says:

    Gotta go buy a chuck roast : )

  7. Sophie McCormick says:

    You know because everyone just has a Dutch oven lying around

  8. Angelfox Studio says:

    Pretty sure the purple potatoes have an actual name. Wish you knew it bc I don’t. Bc there is a Japanese’s purple potato/ yam as well that is sweet.

  9. Erica X says:

    Is that a cake pan for the 🐟?

  10. Lorena Duque says:

    Amo tus videos y te entiendo bastante bien, gracias

  11. Annie Love says:

    I love cooking in the oven using one pan it’s so easy, fast, and I am lazy so it requires less work 😂🙌🏾💕

  12. Vico Yeye Marz says:

    Me gustó que se notara que estabas haciendo una colaboración desde el principio del vídeo y que la hayas pensado bien y no que solamente hayas tirado el producto ahí como otros influencers que ni se dignan a decir que es un vídeo con anuncio pago o sponsor

  13. Bea R says:

    All dishes look delicious!!

  14. Kayla Hill says:

    Can’t wait to try the pot roast recipe! I’ve never used my Dutch oven!

  15. B. Nytes-Baron says:

    English Sauce!

  16. Natalie O'Neill says:

    In North West England, we say wus-tuh-shuh sauce. It's such a strange name!

  17. Mama Vibe Tribe says:

    For some reason the Brit's pronounce Worchestershire as Wouster. 🤷‍♀️

  18. Amanda Felberg says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  19. Hannah Julia says:

    Wow the product placement is really hitting you smack, right in the face there…bit over there top for my taste

  20. Elise Please! says:

    hello! to preface, i love your videos and think your intent in promoting healthy eating is amazing. however, it is important to stay educated. the world health organization rates processed meats (deli meat, bacon, sausage) as group 1 carcinogens, meaning they 100% cause cancer. all red meats are classified as group 2a carcinogens, meaning they most likely cause cancer. multiple other studies have shown a strong correlation between the consumption of animal products and cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. although i understand you have to cater to your audience, i personally believe that the health of our animals, environment, and our nation as a whole is important enough to promote more/only vegan meals on your channel. by using your platform for this, you can transform thousands of lives for the better. if you're interested in more info, the documentaries "cowspiracy" and "what the health" on netflix are good places to start. thanks for reading and please take what i say into consideration as you plan out more videos. thanks.

  21. Ron M says:

    Thanks. I think the cherry pom and pot roast. Looks yummy!

  22. Bel Harper says:

    ALL of them! Yummo

  23. ARTEMIS GRAHAM says:

    I went home and made the pot roast last night. I added some mushrooms to the veggies and it turned out great.

  24. The Tae Kwon Doe says:

    I see how it is. You teamed up with the survey people. …Spent last night doing a survey on sparkling water, of all things. Had I watched this video yesterday I could have made their day since it appeared to be a survey by Pellegrino and they wanted to know if we had heard of flavored sparkling water (last night I hadn't). 🙂

  25. Rlooply says:

    I love s.pellegrino … as usual your recipes are amazing …♥️ and who doesn’t love a quick clean up?! I sure do

  26. Jessica Fitzgerald says:

    I love all your videos! Healthy, concise, delicious, easy to watch , I could go on and on! Just overall enjoyable! More more more! 😁

    And I want to buy some Pellegrino ASAP!

  27. Tara Atashbar says:

    The salt and pepper had too much effort put into it😂

  28. Carli says:

    Can you do iron rich foods/ snacks? Like how to pick healthy snacks that are also a good source of iron? I recently discovered I have very low iron (iron deficiency anemia) BUT a blood condition that makes take iron supplements dangerous and was told I need to boost my iron intake with food. I'm struggling to find iron fortified foods (I don't eat meat) that are still healthy (i.e. not full of added sugar or fat). I know iron intake is something a lot of women have to watch and increase, but I haven't seen you focus much on iron in foods on your channel. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just looking for as much information as I can and your channel is highly informative.

  29. Samantha Johnson says:

    Love love love love this!!! I’m a seltzer- holic!

  30. Chandana Prakash says:

    S. Pellegrino must be so proud to be pairing with you and your team! I don't think any other Youtube content creator can do as much justice to partnerships as you can – you incorporate them effortlessly and put in work to make it thematic to the products. Most others would showcase it somewhere in their video, not create custom pairing and new recipes. As always, top notch video!!

  31. Forerunner_of_Grace says:

    🤩👏🤩👏🤩👏🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love all of these easy ideas!!!

  32. RICHARD1974 says:

    19 fast foodies didnt like this. their loss. Thank you for the video
    Keep up the great work you do Alissa

  33. Georgia Lu says:

    the tangerine and wild strawberry sounds amazing! And the dish looks refreshing too!

  34. bastos aswang says:

    Yaaaaaay more 1 pan meals YES!

  35. Anajenisia Tarvin says:

    Vegetarian pot roast?🤷🏾‍♀️

  36. Jacqueline Rosa says:

    Hello!! Omg I love all of these recipes… I would love to try the shrimp and the roast beef …. congrats on this video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻and thanks for sharing

  37. Lisa Russell says:

    Is it possible to cook the chuck roast in a slow cooker? 😊

  38. Saima Bryant says:


  39. Laura says:

    I'm actually so excited for these new San Pellegrinos- I loveeee their seltzer and flavored seltzers in general. V excited for the morello cherry one!

  40. Vanessa Ledesma says:

    The first dish looks delicious! And I’d probably go for the cherry and pomegranate water 🙃

  41. Robin is says:

    This is just one big drinking game.

  42. Matt Laramie says:

    Can we talk about how happy it makes me seeing you partner up week after week with big names and getting the recognition you deserve? Forget any haters who think people who do that are sell-outs, you gotta make those coins and Alyssia DEFINITELY deserves it!

  43. Melissa W says:

    ohh rhubarb. my father and I used to eat it raw with salt or sugar, depending on the mood. lol I called it Barbarub when I was a kid because I could never remember it's name

  44. Eulalia Grzybkowska says:

    Oh my gosh, they all look so delicious! My favorite is the tilapia with mango and rhubarb salsa!

  45. Camilla Bikbova says:

    Looks absolutely delicious!!!😋😋

  46. Donal Skehan says:

    love it! All about those one sheet pan dinners!

  47. Debora Schultz says:

    Pot roast and cherry pom looks the best combination! All my favorite flavors together in the same meal! 😋

  48. NaturesFairy says:

    All 3 look great and so
    Colorful. I like your red Dutch oven. I’ll have to look for these drinks. I’m hoping to find the strawberry one.

  49. CAESAR 29e health channel says:

    Cherry Pom one

  50. Hailey Ahern says:

    Lol it's pronounced "woo-ster-sure" I had to find a YouTube video for it 😂 everything looks great

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