Sauteed Spinach and Garlic (The Healthy Way)

Sauteed garlic and spinach with less fat

1 bag of washed spinach leaves
4 to 6 garlic cloves
salt to taste
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Good demonstration vid for sauteed spanich. Cute, short, sweet and to the point… just nix the olive oil spray can for the real thing😉

COOKING SPRAY?! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Are you kidding me? They have these things called measuring cups. It’s a new invention, I know but I’m sure you can find some. I’ve never seen anything more frustrating.

Lady, your reflections on 'PAM cooking something' and olive oil are appalling…if you don't want the spinaches saturated, use just a little quantity of oil…or are you saying that before that "criminal" spray showed up, people were saturating their spinaches with oil ?…no honest cook or chef or whoever that cooks seriously uses that thing…only people that are ignorant…or paid by PAM…you showed the can quite clearly, mentioned the brand and even dared to state "And you'll see it's so much healthier as a side dish if you use PAM cooking spray"…I hope they paid you well…the irony being that, had you used oil or butter, you wouldn't have all these negative comments…hum ?-))

Some of you people with your rude remarks need to learn a nicer way to Critique vs. Criticize. Lets see some of your cooking skills in videos.

So many shit talkers on here. I thought it was a good video. I don’t care what you use I’m interested in the cooking method not so much details on ingredients. Thanks for the upload. 👍🏾

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