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Romantic Dinner for Two!! (+ Step by Step Plating!!)

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Its Chef Sprinkle Back with another Recipe!! Grab your pen & paper and sit back and enjoy!!!!

Romantic Dinner for Two!! (+ Step by Step Plating!!)

ROAD TO 15,000!!

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  1. The Sprinkle Factory says:

    Spend quality time with your Love this Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️❤️💍🥰
    I love y’all!! 😘

  2. Yvy Ma'reena says:

    Sis it's very cute😉 but too much calories!

  3. Jasmine Guyton says:

    Thank you boo ! My man looooooved the potato recipe🥰🥰 please never stop helping girls like me … i can't cook for sh*t and my man love to eat🤣💯 #helpus . love your videos love ❤️

  4. Charles Edward Davis, Jr. says:

    doesn't look like 5 🌟 plating but food looks great

  5. Karen Hemphill says:

    Made these potatoes last night & omggggg!! I’ll put that sauce on everything! Huge hit! Thank you

  6. Allison McGhee says:

    Very nice!!!

  7. Lexy Marie says:

    Making this for sweetest day thank you for sharing this 😻

  8. Ebony McCoy says:

    If I don’t have your seasoning what kind do I need?

  9. Sara Smith says:

    I just aced this recipe tonight. I did exactly as you did in the video. My fiance said that's the best meal he's eaten to date. That's a HUGE compliment because he tends to be very critical when it comes to food. Thanks so much for this! Waiting to purchase your seasoning when it restocks too. 😊 It's a MUST I support.

  10. Sara Smith says:

    The butter that's called for this recipe…is it salted or unsalted?

  11. Keeping up with Nola Cafe says:

  12. It's Soul Good Kitchen & Grill says:

    Omg This is for the God's. What was the juice you poured over everything at the end? 🙌🏾

  13. Charm Washington says:

    Omg 🤤 looks so good.

  14. Jennifer Martin says:

    Since I know my daughter bd isn't getting her anything. I'm going to fix this for me and her

  15. wildkenya says:

    waiting for the restock

  16. emery snow says:

    Looks delicious❤

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