Recreating Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington From Taste | Bon Appétit

One dish. Two days. We challenged super taster Chris Morocco to blindly taste a dish made by Carla and then reverse engineer it as closely to the original as he can. The challenge this episode: Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington.
P.S. We really just wanted to see Chris wear that sloth blindfold. Very worth it.

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Recreating Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington From Taste | Bon Appétit


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this is a dish that looks so tasty but kind of intimidating to cook yourself. then that begs the question of how to get a beef wellington delivered

“Keep it next to Andy’s weird old containers he didn’t deal with before he went to Mexico” jeez Chris tell us how you really feel

oh man, I had GR beef wellington like 6 years ago, and I think about it to this day. happy thoughts always. mmmmm

Omg! You did a great job! Let’s please have Gordon on the show! I think he would be proud of you. That says a lot bc he’s a harsh critic. You boggle my mind.

so glad to see that you use CALIFORNIA OLIVE RANCH!! my absolute favorite, but this last batch isnt as good as the original to my taste. but still an awesome product

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