Real Texas Red Chili Recipe Tutorial S2 Ep279

This Red Chili Recipe is the very best chili recipe I ever developed. My first video on how to make Red Chili has over 100,000 views. I made the mistake of putting music throughout and many found that to be very distracting so here is the new video completely reproduced with no background music. Try this recipe and you will have a fantastic tasting chili to impress everyone who eats it.

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Indescribably good is the only way I can explain just how good this chili is.
Once you try it you will be hooked.

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beware the americans… they wil steel the recepy, putting [es always] macaroni and italian herbs inside and call it;; american chili..hahahahahahah

Sorry Texas Cooking Today guy dude but you watching prep ingredients is about as painful as getting a root canal without novicane. But like a train wreck I can't stop watching.

We used to call it the mental masturbation prep. I mean come on dude just get a f**** done and get it out there….

You're definitely spending way too much mentally masterbating about what you're doing knock it off just get straight to the cooking. I can pretty much cook a one of the world's best Chili's in a copper bowl time it took you just to talk about how you were going to cook this chili… Come on dude just get the show on the road

Side hug you process Garlic Crush it with your left hand you separated with the right hand and then you take your knife and pound it again with your left and right hand. Come on dude you're like way way behind the curve

Holy cow I can't even stand to watch another second of this dude get a clue we all know how they cleaner garlic oh, we all know how to mince a garlic and our onion good move on your done I'm over with you get a thumbs down just cuz you're too f**** slow

Throughout the Midwest people usually add macaroni to their chili soup. And always beans. Notice I didn't say texas chili. That's different. Midwest Chili soup is good and easy and cheap.

But uniform won´t matter.
That part will not be an issue after 3-4 hours.

Like the "Gotham-feeling" of your clip.

I´m no joke. I´m the fucking Joker 😉

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