Prison-Style Meatloaf – Special Meatball Loaf Recipe

Learn how to make Prison-Style Meatloaf! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Special “Prison-Style” Meatball Loaf Recipe!


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Made this tonight. The breadcrumbs I used were so dry I had to use over 2 cups of milk and there was no milk left to squeeze out!

This is the way my mom made meatloaf. That should tell you something about my childhood.

Prison food? really?…. Thats what the culinary desires of this country are now?.. Prison food.. Well with all that is happening in the Country a whole lot of people will be eating it soon I guess..

I made this in a 350Β° oven, but when I tried to take it out to rest for 10 minutes, I heard a voice say "You'll never take me alive, Copper. Yes, my regular baking dish was in the dishwasher next to the shiv, and I was using a copper pot. And then it screamed "Meat's on fire". I was, after all, the Meat Loaf of my meat loaf

I love Chef John's videos! He's not only funny but the food always looks good and he explain sit in simple enough terms that a dolt like me can follow along.

Extra Sauce? Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce! Just top the meatloaf while cooking and if you want more, have a side to dip in. The only other thing that I do that is different is that I don't use breadcrumbs. I use crushed Saltine Crackers! It actually fluffs up the meatloaf and isn't as dense. JMO.

I love meatloaf. I love your version of "meat-ball meatloaf" and plan to cook this tomorrow!
I really enjoy your mixture of food-reverence, humor, and teacher-style instruction of your recipes.
Keep up your wonderful style and choice of recipes.

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