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Stir-fried potato and ham (Gamja-haem-bokkeum dosirak: 감자햄볶음 도시락)

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  1. 정리치 says:

    햄이 없어 스팸으로 만들었는데
    진짜 맛있어요. 감사합니다♡

  2. 송은규 says:

    옛날도시락 ^^

  3. oubaomario _ says:

    Hello, where did you buy this bento box?

  4. Revis S says:

    I'm going back and watching some of your older videos and I have to say I never get tired of watching you you're very special and I love your passion for food

  5. JerryJarvis says:

    Is it so wrong to still want a lunch box wrapped in a paper bag with an animal sticker on it when im 33 years old?

  6. Kami Furlong says:

    Hi Maangchi🌬❤🥂🐠🤸‍♂️🦋🏄‍♀️💙 love your kitchen tools. I have been searching for a small mortar and pestle like yours. The ceramic one with the pour spout?? Where can I find one to buy online??

  7. mythirdchannel says:

    this surely is made with love 😀 the sticker is awesome!

  8. Anushree Baroi says:

    very nice😘

  9. Dandan Chen says:

    Such a lovely lunch box for kids!

  10. Anne K says:

    Omgg this is too cute!! That would be a perfect picnic lunch

  11. Lin Rogers says:

    i love the little cupcake wrapper as a way to separate things :3

  12. ash8282 says:

    Hi there! Does anyone have any suggestions on substitutes for someone with a sesame seed allergy? I can’t eat the oil or the seeds, but I would love to try making some dishes with a good substitute! Thanks!!

  13. Shonda SheWrites says:

    Maangchi the care and LOVE and extra mile details you do on your videos makes all the difference. I always think Mama Maangchi is making me lunch again? But virtually. Which is sad. For me! Lol!!!

  14. Shonda SheWrites says:

    We make something similar in the south called home fries … we add green bell pepper and onion and braise/saute and usually serve with eggs for breakfast! I will have to try the Korean version. Lol I don't even eat southern food that much anymore. Asian is my go to. Then Italian. Indian. Lol wow my food world has changed since I left Georgia!

  15. Fun Time With Jing says:

    Next time can u do a lunchbox for kids so I can bring it to school. Thank u.

  16. Anushree Das says:

    Maangchi first time I'm watching ur video.😊I want to make u frnd🙂

  17. Mukesh Kumar mahto says:

    I love this food

  18. Aileen’s JOURNAL says:


  19. Je Je says:

    완벽하게 계량은 안하고 비율만 맞춰서 했는데 너무 맛있었어요. 다음엔 계량해서 해보려구요. 생각보다 어렵지 않았는데 맛있어서 자주 해먹어야겠어요. 좋은 레시피 너무 감사합니다. 망치님 금손.

  20. 소설희Seolhee So says:

    I'm gonna cook this without ham tomorrow. looking so delicious!

  21. Raissa Loretta P says:

    Maangchi looks very beautiful in that maroon colors❤️

  22. Si S says:

    간단하고 맛있습니다 코로나 첼린지로 1일1망치님 레시피 하고 있습니다

  23. Venture World with Sumayya says:

    Can i use chicken ham in this recipe?? Because pork ham is forbidden in my religion. 😖😁

  24. Joan Agan says:

    cute your making my tummy full watching this video!

  25. James C says:

    Well packaged :). Great meal.

  26. Cristina Herrera says:

    Hola Maangchi preparé esta receta, muy rica!! Soy tu seguidora desde Chile

  27. Noxx Castro says:

    maangchi @ 10:14 what is that red thing?

  28. Anees Fatima says:

    Hi maangchi
    … looking beautiful…
    I m from India… always wanted you to come to India

  29. Joanne Lui says:

    Maangchi, all your headpieces are so pretty and special!

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