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Super Soft 2 Ingredient Play Dough- Dollar Tree DIY

Today I have another Dollar Tree DIY project for you. 2 ingredient super soft, scented play dough? Yes please!

1 cup cornstarch or cornstarch baby powder
1/2 cup conditioner of your choice
food coloring optional
Mix super well and store in an air tight container

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  1. Robin Mudd / SimpleDesigns says:

    nice, if left out does it hard in up?

  2. Teresa Plans says:

    What a great idea and so easy to make!! My 7yr old grandson will love this!! I'm going to get the supplies and when he comes to stay next weekend we're making this!!! I'll get some containers at DT to store it in. Tyfs!! Love this!!

  3. magicreign says:

    Love this!! I'm going to do this in my class, thanks.

  4. TheAccessoryGirl says:

    Cool! Tfs! 🙂

  5. Daniela Arreola says:

    I tried this with regular baby powder and it actually worked

  6. Brooklyn says:

    I did this but I didn't watch a video, you can use ANY baby powder and some water, any kind of shampoo (not that much btw) then mix add more babypowder  and there you go IT REALLY WORKS,

  7. Carolina Martinez says:

    hi im a boy my picture is my moms face but to ne honest I like you

  8. megazwatcher says:

    what ever happened to clay and play doh? you never see them in stores any more

  9. Lee C says:

    What if i dont have cornstarch

  10. Brandy Miner says:

    lol love this video

  11. Nayomy Ortiz says:

    does any kind of conditioner work

  12. Linda Self says:


  13. Crezy-Crezy C says:

    can we use shampoo

  14. Kaeli Osouna says:

    Why would I store it

  15. Ammatho Saradaga says:

    Can we make earrings with this dough?

  16. Devaki Inamdar says:

    i m a tween

  17. Mya Permenter says:

    It actually worked

  18. jadaaa says:

    I made my own formula by:

    •glitter glue

    •baby powder

    •baby oil gel

    Add a amount of glue you want,add your baby gel, Then add a lot of baby powder until you notice it looking like dough

  19. Carlene Pelletier says:

    I’ve made this with powder and water

  20. bucky cruz says:

    I had to subscribe to you today because I love your name!!!

  21. Craft begins says:


  22. Happy Singh says:

    Can we use this as a air dry clay for our projects.

  23. Theresa Etchen says:

    My name is Theresa too

  24. Queen Kels says:

    ya i used baby powder it works but leaves a resado

  25. Queen Kels says:

    i used shampoo

  26. Poise'n Craft says:

    THANK YOU!!! saved my day..couldn’t find regular corn starch in store

  27. Meme Herrera says:

    It worked your a genius

  28. Meme Herrera says:

    You need to mix it for a while with your hands the more baby powder the better

  29. Anna Elaine says:


  30. Sun Flxwers says:

    Can we do lotion and baby powder?

  31. Karla Zuniga says:

    But it's okay I'm going to try the regular baby powder

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