PIZZA AT CAMP IN A DUTCH OVEN Low Carb Recipe in the Wilderness

Join us to learn the Technique to make Delicious Pizza at Camp or where ever your at. Kid favorite when camping. This is a EASY and FAST Dutch Oven recipe THAT EVERYONE will enjoy. Use your favorite ingredients to customize this to your taste. This is a low carb version, but if your not into that, use your favorite pre-made pizza crust or make your own.

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I will have to see if the Krogers where i'm at has that Boar's Head Pepperoni. I love the Boars Head Black Forest Ham and Corned Beef and i got to try it.
Love the video but even at gun point, there is no way i would have a cauliflower anything.

Just a curiousity but do you think it would if you had the pizza on the lid and put the pot on top of the pizza and lid? Like have everything flipped with coals under the lid and on top of the pot.

Beautiful pizza Scott ! I love every ingredient you have on it too ! My question is, did you share with the armadillo and gators ? Great job !

You mean to tell me that you don’t need to buy a cook-it-all to make pizza???? Lol.

Tomorrow I’m planning on making a deep dish pizza using a cheese cake spring form pan. (FYI, not using the cook it all.)

I know it was good, because it was camping food! And camp food is THE BEST THING EVER! You have inspired me to TRY the cauliflower pizza crust! I respect your remark about people "Not Liking" something, because of 1or 2, optional ingredients. It looked easy, and a quick meal for young campers to make in their Dutch Ovens! I also like the pistol at camp. And armed chef, makes for polite diners…. or something like that?

I made pizza in my Dutch ovens before in camp touch and go . I mean good and charcoal. You got to watch it carefully but I'm getting better. Wind is your worst enemy tho . Look forward for your new videos and information keep it up and going .

Yeah,I'm down with that I can smell it from Massachusetts nice work I could hear the wind blowing 60deg is a spring day here lol

Good video, but I thought that you would actually show how to make and cook the actual crust first….Still, gave me ideas. Thanks!

Great video. Is this going to be a new series of low carb cast iron cooking? I sure hope so because there isn't that many campfire keto vids out there.

Excellent video, thank you! In particular, I want to try fresh basil on my next pizza. I recently learned how to make pizza dough and have said goodbye to the Red Baron forever.

I have watched just about all of your videos . Just gotta say you are one cool dude . lol . Its like watching Bob Ross do a painting . I just settle in , relax and enjoy the show.

The only reason people dislike the video is because they can't cook like we can and they are jealous that they can't take the time and try to do it. But in the end we will be cooking and enjoying while they are trying to figure out why McDonalds isn't open anymore. And I love the backup weapon on the table in case they try to steal your pizza. Ha. Ha

Man, I love that paper weight you had on the table at the end of the video😁😉👍 I don’t understand anyone who would give a 👎 to this pizza in the DO recipe. For anyone that doesn’t like the cauliflower use a reg crust and there’s also keto crust made with almond flour, easy to make. Yes please, load it up with veggies on my side, throw in a couple of anchovy’s too. I’m ready to fire up some charcoal!!! Thanks again for another great and easy recipe😉👍💙🇺🇸❤️

Had to hit the like button just for the paperweight! Something we can't really do here in Australia lol
Definitely going to try pizza in a Dutch oven, that looks delicious 🤤🤤

Great looking Pizza, for a beginner like me, do you cook the cauliflower pizza crust before adding the sauce and ingredients? Also, starting out with a new camp dutch oven that is factory seasoned, what is a good way to ensure it is seasoned well, should I season it again, or just use a spray or butter before placing the crust? Thank you

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