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Buffalo Wings Recipe ( Chicken Wings ) – Pinoy Recipe

Buffalo Wings Recipe, Chicken Wings a Pinoy Recipe. Buffalo Wings are made of deep-fried and flavored Chicken wings coated with spicy sauce.

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6 cloves Garlic
1 table spoon Chili Powder
4 table spoon Sugar
50 grams Butter
100 grams Banana Ketchup
100 grams Tomato Sauce
900 grams Chicken Wings and Chicken Lollipop
3 Table spoon Sweet Chili Sauce
Cooking Oil
Sesame Seed

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  1. Friend-Cheap Menu says:

    Watch Next !!
    Salted Egg Chicken Wings :

  2. Janary Varon says:

    I will try it later..looks Delicious ..thanks

  3. marty marte says:

    feeling ko sobrang tamis nito.

  4. Diệu Anh 400K Vào Timbanvn xyz says:

    02:13 Đời này, em có hai lần tập đi khó nhất. Một là lúc nhỏ tập đi bước đầu tiên, hai là lúc chạy về phía anh. ♠

  5. احمد best of the best says:

    that is too match sager very similar buffo with chinses wings be carful

  6. Miraflor Jomuad says:

    Lami kaayo.

  7. HEARTHful Kitchen says:

    I try po namin na mama ngayon…love it …send hug for me😍😍

  8. Kurtly Kadusale says:

    Watching this cause this is the favourite food of my girl

  9. Zyrich Manguiat says:

    I like it

  10. Zyrich Manguiat says:


  11. Realyn Sesbreño says:

    Okay lang po ba kahit walang Chili powder?

  12. Teacher Mhai & Life says:

    Nagtry po ako magluto gamit ang recipe nyo po.ang sarap po hihi

  13. Anne Baui says:

    mag iiba ba lasa kapag di nilagyan ng chili powder ba un ? Kasi gusto ko to itry pero ayaw ko sa maanghang ee 🥺

  14. Kristine Glorioso says:

    Pede bang siling labuyo ang ilagay instead of chili powder??😅

  15. dan says:

    whys it called buffalo wings.. its chicken wings…

  16. Bunny Failms says:


  17. Bunny Failms says:


  18. yummy foodies by dan says:

    ingredients palang ang sarap naaa

  19. sleepy says:

    Looks good but when i tried it it was super sweet even though i only added 3 tbsp of sugar instead of 4 and 2 tbsp of sweet chili instead of 3. It wasnt also spicy so i had to add a lot more chili powder

  20. Blah blah blah says:

    How many pieces was this

  21. Balot's Mix says:

    Gusto ko din masubukan tu ng gantu ka perfect😊 sana. Ngayun ko lng to nkita maraming salamat po. Panibagong kaalaman.

  22. GT's Music says:

    It's not buffalo wings. They use worcestershire sos and hot sos garlic powder and cayenne pepper. But it's delicious 👍

  23. Noel Batallia says:

    Hiii im 11 years old and i promise my family that i will cook a special meal for them and i think i found it mom said it must be involve with chicken i think i found what im looking for also im a filipino too

  24. Kusina ni Cocoy says:

    Kusina ni Cocoy " here to support you Godbless

  25. Jayson CC says:

    Nice so yummy i will try someday 😋😋😋

  26. 5-Minute Tasty Recipes says:

    It looks very delicious

  27. Mehez Kitchen says:


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  29. Jean Aubrey Baltazar says:


  30. Jefferson Galin says:

    pano naging buffalo ang chicken..for.trivia lang😅

  31. Mike Mendoza says:

    Two times of cooking it's definitely a yes for my visitor's ❤️

  32. Karennnnnnnn says:

    napagkamalan akong chef sa recipe niyo po HAHAHAHHAAA sobrang sarap !!!!! thankyouuuuu po

  33. The Olive says:

    Lools so good..also in maple buffalo sauce

  34. Janice Mabborang says:

    I tried this recipe, and again you never fail to amaze me. Thank you, my family loves it. ❤🤩

  35. im monar says:

    this is sooooo yummy

  36. Harvey Sumalin says:

    Pwede po lagyan ng ssamjang paste

  37. psalm psalm says:

    hnd kumapit un flour sa manok kyo bukol bukol un flour nyan

  38. Mitu's Kitchen House says:

  39. Tasty Meals With Hamdani says:

    good recipes

  40. Pepitang Solomon says:

    hello this is my fathers account and im his son and he cook me this he watch your vid and i really like it thank you so much

  41. Harambe 098 says:

    1 tablespoon of chili powder:
    Puts all of the remaining chili powder AHAHAHHA

  42. yeet me harder daddy says:

    Can i use margarine instead of butter?

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