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Can This Pro Chef Make Chicken Parm Faster Than Delivery From Olive Garden? • Tasty

Chef Joe Sasto has worked everywhere from professional kitchens to television competitions, but now he faces a new challenge: can he make chicken parmigiana faster than one can be delivered from Olive Garden? Tune in to find out!

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Joe Sasto

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  1. Katherine Dobias says:

    Love all the greenery in the background feels like he's really in Italy talking to us

  2. Hi this is werid says:

    It depends on how far you live from there

  3. Susan C says:

    Imagine having enough money to fry in olive oil :,)

  4. Samia Chowdhury says:

    The food looks 🤤😍😍

  5. Passive Agressive says:

    I think he’s competing against the plants growing in his apartment 🥺

  6. Wendy Lewis says:

    Who the hell cares if an individual can cook faster than a fast food joint? The only thing that matters is cooking dishes that taste better than takeout food. Period.

  7. Xochilt Escobar says:

    Wow 😮 👍

  8. Tracey Jenkins says:

    I'm still watching but I can already tell HIS dish is going to be exponentially better!

  9. Ma. Kate Angelyn Moraga says:


  10. denise ishida says:

    Is it normal to wait 30 min after the restaurant had prepared the meal? Here our ETA is usually 30 min to prepare and deliver the meal

  11. callhimcurly :) 🇮🇪 says:

    Why hasn't any one noticed he didn't use the onions…

  12. callhimcurly :) 🇮🇪 says:

    Why hasn't any one noticed he didn't use the onions…

  13. Yessenia Pozuelos says:

    The music is annoying its over powering him talking

  14. Arlette McGhie says:

    Looks amazing 🤩!!!

  15. Farajaraf says:

    Dude half his chicken was skin and fat

  16. Aca Tea says:

    The fact that he isn’t using more than one burner when most people have a full stovetop is already putting him at a great disadvantage.

  17. Yahmina Sarae says:

    Olive gardens la k of flavor wouldnt even compare

  18. Shilpa says:

    "a little bit of semolina flour" bro that's a lot

  19. Ladenna Young says:

    That look good.

  20. Saphira Kirana Putri says:

    the bgm bothered me so much lol

  21. Allan F says:

    It's all so circumstantial, what if they lived like 5 min away from olive garden, what if there was more customers at the restaurant so they had more time for the homemade version. "Can I make x faster than x?" Yes just cook it raw

  22. Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg says:

    2:45 'I Like Thighs Over Breasts because they're Juicer'

    Perhaps… Are you a Man of Culture??

  23. Sathvik P says:

    1:35 'I'm just going to cut the root and stem off'
    And trims off half the onion lol

  24. Noah Mueller says:

    the whole point of delivery is to not cook the food

  25. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Not to mention cost, too. However, sometimes you just wanna order in and not have a kitchen to clean afterwards

  26. Natassja Sliker says:

    Is this buzzfeed ripping off content again ?

  27. MsP_is your teacher says:

    OG Chicken Parm is trash! Worst I have ever tried! I am sure that yours is way better! It definitely looks so.

  28. Potterheads' Heaven says:

    I'm a simple girl, I see Joe and I click.

  29. Neel Kulkarni says:

    Were gonna cook chicken 89% and the last 10% in the oven
    Remaining 1%: Am I a joke to you?

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