Average is Awesome: Embracing Mediocrity as the Key to Success | Jeroen van Baar | TEDxAUCollege

Why does everybody wants to reach the top? Jeroen van Baar explains in a very open and engaging way about the problem of our generation. He argues that we should strive for mediocrity instead of excellence. “Average is Awesome,” he claims.

Jeroen van Baar studied Psychology and Neuroscience in Utrecht and Paris. Now he is a PhD candidate at the Donders institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen and a participant at SMO Promovendi (Society and Enterprise Foundation). He recently published his first book “De Prestatiegeneratie” which looks at where our drive to excel comes from and where it will take us. His intriguing ideas on our generations need to excel apply to people from all different backgrounds and perspectives.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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whoopsy woggzy

perfects die young, stay average & stay sustainable

Storm ise Champ

Thanks to Free will, there are people who take the Christian faith with a mediocre attitude (0,01 effort) but the Christian faith is going to give accordingly receiving little results. Christians with a mediocre attitude why even bother?.

Devan Mauch

Remember, it's all arbitrary and conventional, we invented the high and low status, mediocre, average, all of it, don't sweat it too much if you don't meet your psychological creations


I have only watched the 1st 4 minutes and I felt myself inspired to save my 90-sec video for a company, because you were sure in your explanation. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a chain of success in your goals!


You see, everybody expects you to be more than average.

Have you ever thought, what is wrong with being average?
No, I am not trying to go onto r/iam14andthisisdeep, I am genuinely asking you a question.

Is it really that bad being a regular person?
I don't mean weak or lazy, I mean being a normal functioning member of society, who you might ignore when you see them on the street?

Raul Cabral França

This was an AWESOME talk, not just an average one

In a very interesting way, this speaker hits upon something that can in fact propel one to better performance and further heights.

The normal or usual approach is where an individual focuses on achievements or success causing enormous stress, performance anxiety, and frustration. It is very evident that this cannot result in better performance.

Whereas "Accepting" Mediocrity just removes these pressures from the equation and allows every individual to focus on the process of doing – rather than focusing on the the end result of being "the best" or "having the best" in everything.

Though counter-intuitive, the latter approach will actually yield better performance and results.

Sean Ritchwood

Yes its ok to be mediocre but dont convince yourself youre amongst peers who master their crafts

Chetan B.

Now I understand why Shikamaru Nara from Naruto always wanted a average life.
Average is Awesome.

Vineet Verma

Average people arent average who drive honda or mercedes…
Its what they value that makes them average…
Very few who see their truth…. Value freedom…
Because seeing truth is hurtful to the ego…
Very few want to embrace that hurt and pain

Ive always been told i'll do great if i give my best.
So i avoided trying my best, cause if i tried my damnest and still failed then what?

Nayan Kalapgar Vlogs

Ours Generation is full Depressed and Stressed out !!!

Raimundo Medeiros

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