Old-Fashioned Ham and Potato Chowder | Easy Dinner Ideas | Leftover Ham Recipes

Hey friends, I hope you enjoy this recipe for my Old-Fashioned Ham and Potato Chowder! This creamy soup is comforting and perfect for a chilly night. It’s also a fantastic way to use up leftover holiday ham, so be sure to save this one for later! Thank you all for your friendship and support in any form, and I love to read your comments!

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Thank you all for your friendship and support in any form, and I love to read your comments!

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Passion for food

I would ham it up with one of my food puns here… But I'd hate to be accused of being a chowderhead!


This classic style chowder is simple and you won't get tired of eating it every day.
Good food.👍
Have a nice day(^_-)-☆

Country cooking with TWERKING MONKEY

This looks so delicious. Very well explained. Must try this recipe. Perfectly plated. Thank you for sharing.

Adam’s Smoking metal

Looks really good. Rolls are a must with soup. Great work my friend!!!!!

Happy Place Camping

This looks delicious. I love soups. Especially when it's cold out. I may try this one when the weather gets cold again.

Robin Sadowsky

Hello, that looks really good especially the ham. We had chili today and it was really windy and cold here in Pennsylvania. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a good night.

Bears and Butters

Hey Sister Wife Marcelle!! Who doesn't love homemade soup from scratch. A perfect dish for a fall or winter, with leftover holiday meat. We usually always do a Turkey soup after Thanksgiving or a Split Pea Soup after Christmas if someone has a ham bone. We love potatoes and Bears is a huge carrot fan, and eats them daily with hummus. We never used white pepper before in our food, but does it taste any different from black pepper? Loved your tip on the amount of flour to cornstarch conversion. We also prefer using corn starch as a thickener over flour too. The end result looked amazing, and it makes sense why your kids love this soup so much! We bet you can even freeze it!! Great video and love you to the mother effin' moon girl! <3

Tinz Cuisine

Looks so yummy!! Loved the presentation. Great recipe and video.


This recipe is perfectly done. Looks so delicious👍😋


I grew up eating my Mom's potato soup. Adding ham like this really puts this soup recipe over the top! Awesome video Marcelle!

Stacie’s Country Cooking & Adventures

You read my mind. I am fixing potato soup this week. I love soup this time of the year. Great video Marcelle. Looks delicious 😋. Hope y’all have a wonderful week. 💕

Stacie’s Country Cooking & Adventures

I like to use smoke sausage in my soup too.

Suzanne's Sweet Kitchen

Thanks for sharing this recipe, I will be making it this Holiday season! FW Make it a great day! 😀

Smokin' Joe's Pit BBQ

Soup looked delicious. I love crackers and I bet those homemade ones are delicious. Nice job. 👍

Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez

Hey Miss Marcelle I love chowders and yours looks delicious

Wine&Dine with Jeff

What a hearty and delicious ham and potato chowder perfect for the fall season in those cool nights that you want a warm bowl of soup. Love all the flavors you have going through there. Also love your giant Dutch oven I do a lot of cooking in those also. LOL yes we could hear the kids are watching frozen

Florinda's Family

One of my favorites, haven't had it in a long time 😺 You made it just right.


Marcelle you're such a great cook! Ham and Potato chowder happens to be something we just love! Great recipe! So perfect for the chillier weather.. We are in Florida so we take it when we can get it! Our kids are loving the Frozen too.. Lol you're not alone 😂 Have an awesome week!

Recipes with Resa

Now this looks delicious girl! It was cool enough last week, then mother nature said nope! Back to hot, but hopefully soon I'll be able to make this. Perfect for the fall, and so yummy.

Yummy Kitchen Recipe

Wonderful ham and potato chowder recipe. Looks so delicious. Love your presentation. Thanks for sharing.

The Foodie Kitchen Review

I love this dish, looks amazing… It’s great to use leftovers and to minimise waste, great flavours running though, awesome fish Marcelle! I’ve joined for more content 🥘😎😍😋👌🏻😊

Vietnam Walking TV

look delicious recipe. Full watched and supported. Stay connected, my friend

Foodamentary: Adventures in Food

I love potato chowder and can't believe I've never thought of adding ham to it. That's such a good idea. I have a ton of bouillon cubes that I'm trying to use up too. Those skillet rolls and crackers look awesome. New friend and supporter here. I'm looking forward to watching more of your cooking videos!

Michelles Cozy Home

Hi, Marcelle! Girl you are speaking to my tummy today. 😆 This looks so delicious and such a great way to use up ham. This also sounds like a great comfort food.
I definitely want to try this one as well. I was wondering do you have a yummy ham and beans recipe? That is another favorite comfort food of mine.
Wonderful recipe and share sweet friend. Happy Thursday. Hugs and blessings to you. Have a beautiful day sweetie.🥰❤️❤️🌻🌻

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