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The family took a trip to Disneyland and here’s what we got! Let us know what else we should get the next time we go!

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***We are a hybrid ASMR + Mukbang channel. We are not solely one or the other. We’re just here having some fun Daddy + Son time and want to share with you guys***

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  1. No one says:


  2. Drewla says:

    What are y'alls favorite ride

  3. Ruel Malinay says:


  4. Adele Tuumatavai says:


  5. Chris Avalos says:

    I wish I was at Disney land 必

  6. Christine Paraz says:


  7. Victoria Vo says:

    I love how Jordan is just casually devouring the corn dog as crunchdad speaks唐

  8. Amanda Esposito says:

    Hey Crunchfam! So funny, Im on vacation now and watching this at Disney World! man, that was a sad looking corn dog, but Jordan didnt seem to mind. Those churros are so good!! You for sure have to get the turkey leg on your next trip. Fun video guys!

  9. Kim Magnifico says:

    You guys have to try the Chile mango dole whip at tropical hideaway! I dont know if its still there but its amazing.

  10. wesandchelle says:

    Yummy fun! We went to Disney in Orlando this past summer. We loved the pretzels, Dole whip, and Mickey ice cream bars. So good.

  11. joons bluecrab says:


  12. Lady Murasaki says:

    Chocolate covered banana! Love Dole Whip! Lucky we have it In Vegas!

  13. J Leigh says:

    Jordan is the cutest! And Disney really needs a Myungrang – Korean cheese dogs are everything

  14. Leticia says:

    I agree Jordan! Have a turkey leg next time! I dont know if they have this anymore but the decorated caramel apples are super good as well. I think its on Main Street.

  15. L. Jay says:

    Love how Jordan's off the job at the end. Totally has that Disney glaze.

  16. Anita Yee says:

    Wow Disneyland. Wish I can afford go to Disneyland. Yummy Sugar Cookie and Disneyland have Asian food.

  17. C razy says:

    Who are you with ??????

  18. Christina M says:

    That corn dog looked bigger than Jordan.

  19. jordan after eating his weight in disneyland food and while holding a churro the size of his forearm "TURKEY LEG" LOL. Thank you so much for letting us join you and your family on your disney park fun!

  20. shayna says:


  21. Melissa Dolchanczyk says:

    It all looks good. Next time grab a container of mustard for the pretzel. Always how we eat them on East Coast even with the little crunchy ones in a bag. The best cheese for one of those pretzels would be like a nacho sauce similar to taco bell nacho sauce. I like mustard and ketchup on my corn dog. Jordan didn't want to share. lol

  22. Vhan Sakai says:

    i love corndog

  23. Yazzlesproutz says:

    Dole whip is my FAVORITE!! So good! Especially cuz its non-dairy! 中中中

  24. Maggie Wang says:

    Jordan's face when you said the Dole Whip tasted like strawberries 不 Turkey leg at Disney was my favorite thing ever since I was little! Can't wait for Jordan and Kaiya to be able to try too!

  25. Maliza Maria says:

    very cute 弘

  26. Sammie E says:

    Mickey Beignets, Turkey leg and chimichangas!

  27. healthyeatingalways says:

    Turkey leg, chimichanga, pazole

  28. Sarah Rankin says:

    beignets from the mint julep bar!! they are my absolute favorite here at disneyland

  29. Christina says:

    i'd love to see you try the montecristo sandwich at cafe orleans near the haunted mansion! they have good garlic parm fries too

  30. jayson gacias says:

    I love Jordan hes so cute

  31. Maria Carlos says:

    Jordan said dad this is my hotdog here lol

  32. e malvido says:

    Do the Festival Of Holidays. So many different foods and drinks to try well at DCA.

  33. I say try the Toffee pretzel by star tours exit. The chicken Bao Buns and Lumpias next to the Tiki Tiki Room exit. Try the loaded fries and onion rings from country bear. The turkey bacon sandwich from flos is so good too. Birds tacos from the mexican restaurant in the warf and the bacon cheddar cheese bowl from the warf area too.. so far what i can think of

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