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Gather your Fragments from my Freezer | How I prepare my freezer staple foods

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  1. Amanda Dye says:

    My goodness, you are a super woman/mom!.. how in the world do you have the energy, find the time, remember it all and keep it all straight?? I’m a newer subscriber and not fully caught up on how many you loves have at home or if you work outside the home, but if you do I’m even more impressed! I would love to have a piece of all of your energy. Thanks for sharing and hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Matilda Anderson says:

    I use coffee creamer when in a bind all the time! They never know the difference. I made some tapioca pudding one time and got a thumbs up about how delicious it was. Happy Thanksgiving to the family. By the way, has Samuel arrived yet?

  3. I don’t understand the cook ahead with the frozen dinners. Don’t you want them freshly cooked?

  4. Debbie Canada says:

    You do such and AMAZING JOB gathering your fragments ! I really learn a lot from you 🤗💖 Thank You for sharing have a wonderful Holiday 🦃🥧🎅🎀🤶⛄🎄🥧🦌

  5. Jacqueline Anderson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Barbara Coyle says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone may everyone have a blessed one. Enjoy and make memories with family and friends.

  7. Barbara Coyle says:

    Amy, love the storage containers. sloppy joes can use pasta or corn chips. if you run out of bread

  8. Michelle Sunshinestar says:

    I had to go to the dermatologist this morning to get a wart frozen (again), darn thing won't go away. He told me to use over the counter stuff on my own. So, I think I'm awake? I have a phone doctors' appointment at 12: 20, and the choir I'm in is dropping off food at 11 for people that signed up (I signed up) . My dad got me a breakfast bagel from a bagel place.

  9. Cec Oakley says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Are you a Grandmother yet?

  10. Savannah Black says:

    Making gather your fragments was actually perfect for this Wednesday because I have holiday plans tomorrow and the next day 🙂

  11. Mystery gal says:

    I have been watching your videos for the past few days and I'm really enjoying them I'm just so confused. Do you eat any food right after you cook it or did you just freeze everything? I don't understand cooking a lot of the stuff that you do ahead of time cuz it seems like you end up cooking it twice. The video where you made all the hash browns for the weekend how do you do reheat those hash browns later?

  12. Karen Ennis says:

    Good morning. I cook everything at 350° as well. Have a happy Wednesday and I will see ya tomorrow

  13. KindnessMatters says:

    Ohhh! We used powdered creamer growing up when we didn't have enough milk (when my dad pastored and the pay wasn't much lol)!! 🙂 it works good!! You can find so many hacks when you're trying to make do!!

  14. Linda Scott says:

    I make a dip with cream cheese and marshmallow cream. Just mix together and it is wonderful!

  15. Patti Davis says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Hilda Morrison says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Yeap – powdered creamer works wonders … here's a story for you: years ago I was living in my car (which I no longer have) during the summer after no longer having a job… on very hot days I would stop at a hwy. service center & get a big glass of chopped ice & put a few packets of their liquid creamer & pour it on top – it was delicious! … MOTHER'S who KNOW how to cook do not teach their children to buy every meal at a restaurant or fast food place… it's always nice to have extras of what you enjoy… lol

  17. Nicola Hobbs says:

    In the UK we make a cheese sauce with real cheddar cheese because cheddar is not allowed to be labelled as cheddar unless it actually made in the county of cheddar in Somerset England .and I also use powered milk for cooking ,once again great video Amy .oh I forgot try using cheese triangles in your Mac and cheese .

  18. Julie C. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Amy 💞🌹🦃

  19. Kathleen Weis says:

    First of all, my children never went hungary. BUT, when I see what you make and your wonderful ability to whip together a meal, my children were deprived of mother with imagination! lol. You are great, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. patlynn says:

    I'm so excited! My house smells like pumpkin pie, I have everything cooked for tomorrow 😊👍🦃🐓actually having stuffed chicken breast instead of Turkey, this year. I hope everyone found all their ingredients to make all their goodies and are surrounded by loved one's this year. God bless!

  21. Cathy Richmond says:

    I hope you have enjoyed the holidays with your family. I miss the Bible reading, hope you bring it back.

  22. viveca H says:

    Very interesting Amy. Its a lot of prep n knowing what to do with the meals n how to combine them. U are very organised n u know what ur family like. Hard work tho n I admire ur committment.

  23. Patti Bender says:

    Washing out plastic bags to reuse is not the best idea. Chemicals in the plastic start to break down and get into the food. Same with plastic containers. Never reheat plastic containers in the microwave.

  24. Angie Lacker says:

    I get that Lauren has a right to her privacy but could you at least let us know the ones that sent her baby stuff if baby and mother are healthy. This question was not meant to be ugly just concerned.

  25. Kathy Cunningham says:

    Wow Amy, everything look terrific and yes thank goodness for your freezer meals prepared. But I enjoy how you put meals together from breakfast through dinner including snacks.
    Thanks a million.
    Have a fantastic and blessed day.
    Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

  26. Lisa Turner says:

    I've used cream and a little coconut essence in place of coconut cream . No one knew the difference!

  27. Kathy Bridges says:

    I love can evaporated milk in my Mac and cheese 🫕

  28. collscollscolls says:

    But why do you use chicken bouillon for vegetarian recipes?

  29. louiedd18 says:

    Sounds like you reheat your frozen food, refrigerate and reheat again. I thought once food was frozen/refrigerated it is only safe to reheat once 🤔

  30. tlp23456 says:

    Love your necklace!

  31. Carolyn Ogden says:

    I've used half n half and heavy cream when I am out of milk

  32. annette cole says:

    What is good with potstickers is sesame oil you can brush it on or dip it.

  33. Marleen G. says:

    We do do that, Amy. Make a little list of everything in the freezer, and then just mention how many of a particular thing there are. When something comes out, we adjust the number. Easy to restock and see what you have left. Trust me, it takes a bit of time, but it is so worth it I promise! We still need to finish eating from our freezer so we can re-stock some well-needed items for the Holidays. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Christi Jordan says:

    ** As your daughter always says " you LOVE your powder Bouillon" * I love it Thank you for your videos

  35. Arline Silvernail says:

    Happy 😃 thanksgiving to all , 🙋🏻‍♀️👍🙏the chew family .

  36. Arline Silvernail says:

    Amy great Mac and cheese try sprinkling Italian cheese bread crumbs on top then do with some butter and bake has usual so delicious 😋. In joy , Sharon

  37. Ruth Freeman says:

    WHEW… u talk really fast… hard to follow had to replay some…..but great ideas and video

  38. Cathy degraw says:

    You go guuuuurl!!!

    I just got done freezing the rest of our turkey from Thanksgiving….

    Now to get ready for Christmas stuff. Omg… neverending.🤣🤣🤣

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