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How to make Whipping cream with Corn flour and milk | Whipping Cream Recipe | Homemade Heavy cream

How to make Whipping cream with Corn flour and milk | Whipping Cream Recipe | Homemade Heavy cream with corn flour. Recipes with corn flour (cornstarch). Making whipping cream at home is easy, there are many whipping cream substitute or alternative you can make at home, but today, I am going to show you how to make heavy whipping cream with milk, cornflour, and butter. It is an easy recipe that you can make at home to serve as a replacement for regular heavy cream made from milk or like the commercial heavy cream bought from Walmart.
Items need to make whipping cream recipe at home:
– you will need a hand mixer or hand whisk
– mixing bowl

What is Heavy Whipping Cream?
Heavy whipping cream is a type of cream that contains more than 35% fat in it. To make heavy whipping cream substitute at home, we will be adding butter. If you are vegan and would want to make heavy cream substitute with this recipe, then you can substitute butter with cold-pressed coconut oil in order to make your own coconut whipping cream.

How to make whipping cream with corn flour (How to make heavy whipping cream):
– Into a mixing bowl, add the corn flour, sugar, and milk; mix well to dissolve the cornflour and the sugar.
– place on low heat and continue stirring until you have a smooth and a little bit thick consistency.
– turn off heat and allow to cool.
– into another bowl, add the butter or coconut oil (if you are making coconut whipping cream, make sure it is frozen).
– beat the butter until it is soft and a bit fluffy
– start adding in the cornflour pap you made, a little at a time. As you add, continue beating or whisking it until it becomes fluffy just like whipped cream.
You can use it to make whipping cream frosting or icing for cakes.

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Whipping Cream Stabilizer:
The sugar and butter serve as the whipping cream stabilizer; sugar gives it a structure; the presence of butter makes it fluffy and it is what characterized it as a substitute for heavy cream.

Is whipping cream same as heavy cream?
Whipping cream is the general name for any type of cream that can be whipped to make whipped cream. Heavy cream is a type of whipping cream with higher fat content.

Is this a Heavy whipping cream substitute?
Yes, this is a substitute for heavy cream because of the butter added to it.

This heavy whipping cream recipe can be used for cake icing and in many dessert recipes. It is a sweetened whipping cream substitute.

Heavy cream substitute, replacement, or alternative (What can I substitute for heavy cream?)
Heavy cream alternative: Some substitutes for heavy cream are light cream, double cream, half-and-half, or greek yogurt.

Heavy cream nutrition
The nutrition of heavy whipping cream is basically fat and high calories.
There are about 400 calories and 43 grams of fat in 119 grams of heavy cream. It also contains 3 grams of carbs and protein each. Others include vitamins A, D, E, and calcium.

Heavy Cream Calories: For every 119 grams of heavy whipping cream or (one and a half cup of heavy cream) there are 400 calories, with 43 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbs.

How to make heavy cream:

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  1. chika judy says:

    What type of milk?
    Is it full cream liquid milk or powered milk dissolve with water?

  2. Amisha Aziman says:

    Hi, will it makes any difference if i use margarine instead of butter?

  3. # mi says:

    can i use melted coconut oil instead of butter?

  4. RS says:

    Thanks wow

  5. Madam H Murray says:

    Can this be used for pasta ?

  6. Darwin Dagalea says:

    What do you meant 1 and a half cup of milk?

  7. Darwin Dagalea says:

    What do you meant 1 and a half cup of milk?

  8. Pipli Das says:

    Can we use in cake

  9. priya r mehta says:

    But this also taste like butter cream I tried for cake it's not taste good

  10. Sowmya sharon says:

    How's the taste? Is it like real whipping cream

  11. Umer Abbasi says:


  12. Sana says:

    This turned out amazing. Thank you so much!

  13. Raquel Morales says:

    Hello can i use this for ice cream…thanks for the reply.

  14. Renatta says:

    easiest way i have seen must give it a try bro

  15. Gaganpreet Kaur sapra says:

    Nice… thanq

  16. Caitlyn McNulty says:

    Only an idiot would try this out, bruh just get one from the shore

  17. Allanie Dawn says:

    But the question is does it taste like whipped cream

  18. Robert Reynolds says:

    With all that butter you might as well use real cream.

  19. Al-Idrees says:

    It's butter cream not whipping cream

  20. Sandisiwe Sandy says:

    Can I use a whisker

  21. Sandisiwe Sandy says:

    Can you use flour instead of corn flour

  22. lamirada90638 says:

    Can I use this to add to my buttercream recipe instead of using meringue powder? My fear is that it may be gritty.. is a gritty?

  23. The Artist Formerly Known as Gary says:

    This is a simple Ermine Buttercream frosting, just with corn flour instead of wheat flour.

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