Ninja Foodi Deluxe – How To Cook Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus

For our first time using the 8 quart, 9 in 1Ninja Foodi Deluxe, I’m making the steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus meal that is found in the Ninja Foodi Deluxe cookbook!

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Very helpful on the pressure side of cooking well done good presentation bro ❤️

lil peep today

This was a very helpful video. Short and to the point! Love it!!!

John Milewski

Great pr5esentation. I just got my unit and havbe a lot to learn. I,m subscribed so you keep cooking. 5/12/2020. By the way I,m a PACKER fan.John

Jasmine Taylor

That look so delicious I’m convinced I’m buying one tomorrow

Keith Fulton

Pull you video You didn’t read your instructions you’re not using anything silicone you’re going to scratch the interior of the pot and ruin it


This might be a stupid question but the mashed potatoes were cooked. Then raw meat was placed above it with raw juices dripping down as it warms up. Is that a safe way to have raw and cooked so close together? Looks great either way!

Mr Markus79

Question? So once you put that raw meat in. Don't it drop raw juices from the meat into the Potatoes?

Anthony Johnson

I'm more of a steak on the grill guy but I'll have try this out. But there's no way I'm letting the steak bleed all over my potatoes, hahaha.

Pepe Garcia

Hey man, you wasted one ziplock bag because of your laziness… be mindful of the environment next time.

Adam Brantner

Of course a Bears fan would cook their steak medium well… #gopackgo

Amy Decker

Just got mine last night & love it! Thanks for this great video, my husband & I will try this recipe tonight 🤗


If you flip the rack over, you could have added the extra smaller rack on top for the asparagus.

Clorissa Olson

I just bought one of these and I'm so excited to use it.

Got any extra tips and tricks you've learned since picking this thing up?

Fernando Caicedo

I love your enthusiasm but you destroyed those steaks 🙁 what a waste.

Shery Rahman

Ang sarap nman! I do have the same Ninja Foodi deluxe, I might try this😊, Thanks.

Del Richardson

Wastn the potatoes dried out after leaving them in while broiling. And what temp did you broil

Phoenix DaVida

Really want a ninja foodi!! My bf and I have been eyeing them…

Joanna Korolis

I came across your video and I'm convinced to get a foodi.. now which model is this one? I noticed there are a few.

Did you really not think to do the asparagus last, during the 2-3 minutes you would need to leave the steaks resting?

Product reviewer uk

You should have put asparagus in near the end so its cooked hot

Product reviewer uk

Quick question do you have to adjust times and temps depending on steak thickness??

Wanda Kay

The Ninja Foodi is wonderful! I’ve been converting some of my favorite slow cooker recipes. It’s so much fun to use and cleanup is a breeze.

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