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Healthy Recipes for Breakfast in Hindi. How to make Indian Vegetarian Oats Chilla Weight Loss Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Recipes in Hindi. हिंदी में Indian Vegetarian Weight Loss Recipe. It is a Tasty and Easy Recipe. Learn how to cook Low Fat Vegetable Oats Chilla for breakfast at home.

Follow our healthy recipe ideas to lose weight. We have made this easy recipe with Oats and Vegetables. It’s a totally vegetarian recipe.

Healthy eating leads to a healthy body. This Indian breakfast recipe can be cooked in minutes. This vegetarian chilla (also called cheela) has all the nutrition for energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and these ingredients will keep you fit and healthy.

If you are on the mission to loose weight fast, you must watch our weight loss recipes.

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    Dosa ,idali ,y le skte h

  3. Anisha Panchal says:

    Teacher Anisha Also Chency how to make okay

  4. Janak Oberoi says:

    Great recipe! What is the protein content in it?

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  13. Gita Rajput says:

    Very easy and quick recipe.. I dont like oats in any other way.. But i can have it this way.. Thanks for sharing.

  14. minu Khatwani says:

    Please mention macros

  15. Bhavana Gupta says:

    Dhaniya daal sakte hain gajar ki jaghe par

  16. prakash kumar says:


  17. Priyanka Singh says:

    Aate ki jagh besan le sakte h

  18. foodsmantra says:

    very healthy recipe, thanks for sharing.

  19. BAPURAO DHOBLE says:

    आपकी कोई किताब है क्या?
    उपर बताये व्हिडीओ मे ओट, आटा प्रमाण क्या है?

  20. Dewani Simran says:


  21. Anthony Khokhar says:

    very nice 🖒🖒

  22. Prachi Prasad says:

    recipe is great…just a suggestion- please include calories as well when putting out healthy recipes. thanku !

  23. Jio Bhai says:

    Nice ma'm main jarur banaungi ye dush

  24. Shilpe Dilawar says:

    i hav d same chooper

  25. Akanksha Tiwari says:


  26. Anurag khandelwal says:

    Mam instead of oats..can i use dalia for cheela..after grinding dalia..??

  27. vishala kumari says:

    When ever u make such recipies remember to cover the pan with a lid aleast for 10sec so that it can cook well… later u can do it upside down…

  28. Mamta Barupal says:

    mam hari chatney ki recipe ka video bnaye

  29. Pradnya Goanakar says:

    Saus ke sath nahi kha sakate kya

  30. samiksha says:

    Can i have suji will it effect my diet

  31. Ankita Rahul says:

    Very nice

  32. tuba shamsi says:

    Can we store the batter?

  33. Apoorsuvif8v9v8vogibmg 79 yvgyju Mishra says:

    Very tasty recepie…i made it

  34. Nishu Koul says:


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