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KETO BENTO BOX LUNCH IDEAS [healthy low carb recipes for school & work]

I AM SO EXCITED for you all to see these Keto Bento Box Lunch Ideas! These are all healthy, low carb recipes perfect for school and work, and they aren’t hard to whip up either! This is a new series on my channel, so make sure you subscribe so you can watch them every Saturday!
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▪ vanilla stevia drops:
▪ immersion blender:
▪ lily’s chocolate chips:
▪ crinkle cutter:

*recipes to try*
▪ keto chia pudding:
▪ keto mayo:
▪ keto flax crackers:
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▪ fathead dough:

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  1. All About The Wheelers says:

    Let me know which lunch was your favorite!

  2. Caroline Santangelo says:

    Rare to see something that i would probably make all the recipes… the selection of dishes was great!

  3. Nicole R says:

    Omg you make preparing lunch fun … cant wait to make these recipes for lunch .. i have been eating the same thing for lunch for months 🙁

  4. Mia Mia says:

    Girl, you are fo real goin IN on lunch! I am so jealous! Hope he's grateful for you!!!

  5. Katherine Walker says:

    Chicken salad in a green pepper. GENIUS

  6. Tedric Schantz says:

    Where are the recipes you said were below the video? I like most of the ideas {keto] and would like to try them out. Thanks. I have subscribed.

  7. Perette Campbell says:

    Wow a lot of keto videos. Nice. More whole30 please. Is there a whole30 compliant sour cream you recommend? The kite hill Creme cheese is awesome. Thx😉

  8. what ever says:

    I have never seen fresh garlic in a bag before.. sometimes its really weird to see how in other countries stores pack their food. I was just getting used to seeing eggwhites coming out of bottles lol

  9. Molly A. Block says:

    I was loving chorizo until I looked at the ingredients. 🙁 I am not new to keto, but I am new to making my own bento boxes. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Also, I can tell that someone is an ALDI customer! I LOVE ALDI! My favorite store. You just can't go wrong with their prices and quality.

  10. Elsa&lisa says:

    I like everything you did. Except the whole box of red peppers, and too many devilled eggs. Need a bit more variety. I did subscribe.

  11. Happy_Howellzz says:

    These are so cool I’m trying to get my parents into a picnic but they aren’t interested in general especially since almost all everyone in my family is keto. I can’t wait to show them these recipes

  12. Xx Luna Darkrose xX 101 says:

    Oh my word. I loveeee your channel. I love bento boxes because I’m on the go a lot and needed to be able to have my food with me. You are genius. I hope you never stop making these vids lol. Thank you.

  13. Alona Asher says:

    Wow! amazing lunch boxes ideas 🙂 Would have loved to eat any of them in the middle of a busy work day… the bread with the meatballs was my favorite 🙂 Would you consider making a "lazy" addition for people who don't have the time to cook every day?

  14. Fatima Sana says:

    Love it❤

  15. tammy stuckey says:

    Keep them coming and thank you for your video.

  16. Sarah E says:

    Everything looks great, I love your containers…

  17. Michelle Patterson says:

    Does your husband keep his lunches in a refrigerator at work?

  18. Leilani Silva says:

    Hi I loved the video! I’m debating between the expensive black bento box you showed or the cheaper pastel colored one that I found on amazon, but I wanted to chose the one that does not spill! Which one did you prefer?

  19. Kitty Gam3r says:

    I have always wanted to have bento box styled lunches, and always thought that bento boxes were full of rice which isn’t keto friendly. To know that someone does keto with bento boxes I’m obsessed! Buying my dream bento box now 🙂 🥰💖 loved your video!

  20. Susan says:

    Great video! Man, is your husband lucky!

  21. Rudo Mutizhe says:

    Loved this video and the ideas!! It will definitely help me next month so I can bring lunch from home instead of getting takeout. My favorites had to be the chicken salad in the green peppers and the Cobb salad!

  22. gonna GET you says:

    omg youre planning to do these every week!? thats crazy ambitious im subbing for your pure aesthetic, creativity, and editing work alone. you're incredible and i cant wait to see more!

  23. Gwendolyn Kensinger says:

    this sent me down the rabbit hole of wanting everything minus the meat.

  24. Amanda A says:

    Love your videos! 💜💜💜 I just subscribed. I literally picked up those silicone condiment bottles, the cute sandwich cutters, and kids thermos lol. Omg I have the same teal bento box that I recieved sunday but mine doesnt have the clip to hold the spoon and the fork. They must have forgot mine lol

  25. Mr B says:

    Loved this vid! So many great ideas!

  26. They all looked fantastic, also nice and relaxing to watch, bento box lunches are happy 😊

  27. Sarah K says:

    Love this!!

  28. Angie Elle says:

    I really liked the chicken salad stuffed green peppers. I usually just bring chicken salad, but I’m going to try this! Great video. 🙂

  29. Megan Picanco says:

    Now I’m craving deviled eggs…. looks good girl. I think the bento boxes are cool but I’d have a hard time stirring everything and getting it all perfectly mixed up haha when you got ocd a lil 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe theirs a bigger option of bento boxes ? Anyway loved the video. Looking forward to the next one.

  30. Nelson McG says:

    Everything looked amazing! How were the meatball subs? And that veggie/cheese cutter is soo cute!!

  31. Jim Leonard says:

    That dressing could be spooned into a plastic bag snip the corner and squeezed into you small dressing bottles easy Peezie

  32. Reading With Jess says:

    Loved this glad it’s going to be a weekly thing.

  33. Nikki Johnston says:

    Wow can you come and do my lunch every day ! Everything looked delicious x

  34. Athena Brown says:

    Great ideas and looking forward this series!

  35. Megan Graves says:

    Loved all the ideas!

  36. Karen M says:

    Thanks for the ideas. These are the type of lunches my husband and I like to take on a regular basis. Looking for to next week’s video.

  37. krose Clarke says:

    Another idea for the devilled eggs might be to put the filling in a small zip lock bag with a hole at that tip…that way you can build as you eat and less mess in the lunch box.

  38. krose Clarke says:

    These were amazing! Great for back to school too (if that happens)

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