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School Lunch Ideas for KIDS ๐ŸŽ Bunches of Lunches

Today I’m sharing a week’s worth of school lunch ideas. I try to make lunch healthy(ish) and fun for my kids without driving myself crazy or taking all day to make their lunch.

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  1. Emily McWilliams says:

    Iโ€™m pretty new to ur channel but Iโ€™m absolutely obsessed omg!!! Love your vids keep doing what ur doing you are doing great. One of your biggest fan๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’–

  2. Lindsey Nguyen says:

    i love wich your show from lindsey nguyen

  3. gnf. cutie says:

    Was this the first Bunches of Lunches? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Jane Clay says:

    You mentioned that it was unseasonably hot – could that have affected their appetites?

  5. Mallika De Silva says:

    Can u please make a easy on

  6. Loz.sunflowers! says:

    I am literally watching all of your vids from the beginning so im on ep 1 and i love your vids xx

  7. burfield268 says:

    Poppy loopy kids!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Isna Bains says:

    i love it hi

  9. Keira Entwistle says:

    I love the food on here my parents did these lunches for me ever since I was in kinder garden to no where I am 13

  10. Enhle Dube says:

    Hi Jennifer can i ask where i can i find the Family Fudge themo's??

  11. Galaxy Marshmellow says:

    Just rewatching the whole series because I have nothing to do during lockdown

  12. Chantheary Theam says:

    Hi can you please make a lot

  13. allison sky says:

    This was the beginning of a legacy

  14. Quinza Albania says:

    I like your video โคโคโคโค

  15. Baily Magill says:


  16. Joe Z says:

    we have same lunch contanors on lunch #1. but we dont have it with the word ziplock

  17. Joe Z says:

    ur pretty

  18. Kevin Kev says:


  19. Chloe says:

    Is it just me or are these all satisfying??? And can I please have a shoutout? You are amazing and have beautiful children. Keep doing what you love!

  20. NNT_LOVE says:


  21. Madeleine Chay says:


  22. Lily-Rose Williamson says:

    I was just wondering why the kids go to a different school practically everyday?

  23. Moominjun โคต says:

    When I was in school all I ate was bread and Nutella, that's it

  24. Bubbly Boba says:

    Lunch must be a very important thing

  25. โ€ขSleepy Le Wofie UwUโ€ข says:


    meh fam:


  26. Siloduzstuff For Cats says:

    Is this your first bunches of lunches video

  27. Stefanus Tedjosaputro says:

    Your kids are so lucky because they get beautiful lunches but I just get what's in the table in the morning and she never like use cookie cutters or make it fancy at all.

  28. Tanishq says:

    this is where it started….

  29. makhi says:

    You absolutely inspire me! I started watching you when I was 13 and now has a 3 year old and she loves to eat.

  30. Natalie B says:

    What would you say is the average cost per lunch? My kiddos school charges $4 for lunch, so Iโ€™m curious as if I can create a more affordable lunch for her.

  31. Sweet Blossom says:

    Where did you get those little containers? :0

  32. Lauren Laffleur says:

    Wow I love how you give your kids different things everyday. I just get the same everyday!!

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