Juicy Air Fryer Steak Recipe

Cooking steak in the air fryer is easy. When you cook steak this way your steak becomes tender and juicy. Give this recipe a try and tag me in a picture.

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juicy air fryer steak recipe


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Julio Defreitas

Magnificent steak ,thanks very much for sharing your recipe 👍 👍 🍷🍷

Tom Messina

Thanks… easily understood. Looks good, will try it in the future.

Chuck Lucas

If you own a air fryer you will never buy a rotessier chicken again so many ways to do them

Donna Brown

I marinated my steaks first. Googled steak marinades and came up with ‘The best steak marinade in existence and it is. Then air fried my steaks. Wonderful and juicy

bill smallwood

Wow, you are a cutie!!…..and the steak turned out great, too….tks…


The air fryer has moved into the “If it breaks I’ll go right out and buy another one” category. I tried your recipe for cooking the steaks, it was quick and easy, I put a handful of Rally’s seasoned fries in the other half during the last 4-5 minutes. Yum, yum, yum, 07/27/2020

Antony Andre' / renaissance artist and artisan

Your air fryer no longer available on Amazon…update your links for proper connectivity product to consumer

Antony Andre' / renaissance artist and artisan

Marinate your seasoning and liquid.for 3 to 5 days..do not forget to add baking soda to your mix …to get the tenderest steak ever

Rob Catalano

Looks Delish! I'd love to see your video posted on plinkpop.com/foundry as a founding creator. Check it out and join us!

Lads Gomez

Great video! Now it's time to cook my steaks in my new air fryer. Thank you!

Duong Nguyen

Yeaaaa that looks overcooked… at least for me lol. But good quality air fryer for sure

southern rita

Looks good, i cant wait to cook mines. I Also tried your lemon pepper wings and they came out great, thank u.

Jaden Morgan

One bad thing I see in this video is the use of chemically-propelled oil. Other than that, thank you for quick and concise video.

Athena Lynn Marie Porter

What temperature does steak have to be done at for well done steak?

Ruthless Goat

I think I would cut that cooking time in half, especially if the steaks are not thick. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Alexander Carter

WOW! Those Steaks are cooked to perfection! I wasn't expecting them to look so good once you cut them open. But wow I'm really going to pick one up on my next trip to SamsClub

David Camacho

Great video!.. now I can cook a steak late at night. In my air fryer. without my wife complaining that I'm cooking late at night..and making the whole house smell of smoke! 👍😊

Chiagozie Onukwube

Hi. Thanks for the video. I'm gonna try this.
What time and heat would you use for a well done steak

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