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5 Things… Quick and Easy

Want some tasty and delicious food without having to spend long in the kitchen? Jamie has selected some of his favourite dishes from his book ‘5 Ingredients’ to help you quickly rustle up some mouthwatering dishes.

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Panfried Cod and Ratatouille |
Spaghetti Bolognese |

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  1. Chantel says:

    Meatballs with just mince and a jar of pesto? My lazy ass is so trying this.

  2. Melinda Campbell says:

    That first recipe with the toast and eggs with chilli looks phenomenal.

  3. Sonia Bautista Buenaventura says:

    Bravooo 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻💞💞👌🏻

  4. Metal Gamer says:

    Remember when Jamie was blonde?
    I remember

  5. Felix O'Keefe says:

    Does anyone else cringe just a bit at the use of olive oil in the desert?

  6. my name is says:

    what's with the hair m8

  7. Jeanette Barr says:

    Very theatrical, entertaining and oh so delicious.

  8. Soha .S.S says:

    3:50 is what I'm here for

  9. celmira tarmamad says:

    Big hug from Mozambique

  10. Antonia Vendrell says:

    Jamie I love you and love the way you cook I am Fanatic 😘❤️🌺

  11. Finley Howlett says:


  12. GPG ABN says:

    Best cookbook I have ever had👍

  13. cdntrader says:

    the egg dish is tasty

  14. Ariana Wong says:

    Ummm gooooooood meat……..

  15. Pattie Garay says:

    Dear Jaime… this series has inspired me to start cooking again… I forgot how simple and delicious cooking can be! Thank you !

  16. Ev Y says:

    Can anyone explain why he puts the vinegar into the spinach?

  17. antje tautkus says:


  18. Ruth MacClure says:

    Flatbread with eggs & Mango Chutney / Harissa Chicken tray bake – I've made this, bloody lovely / Messy meatball buns / Smokey pancetta cod wrap in bacon / Banofee cheese cake

  19. taranis1964 says:

    Made the first one today for Mother’s Day breakfast – the flatbread with chutney. Was great and super easy. Even watched Jamie’s video on how to boil an egg (egg was perfect). Also had to substitute the mango chutney with some homemade peach chutney my wife had made and it worked out fine. Next is the messy meatballs.

  20. Nicola Sloan says:

    i love you soo much — i remember when you were the 'naked chef' == i'm buyinh the book – 5 ingredirnts xoxo

  21. Jacinta Robinson says:

    What would you recommend as an alternative to yoghurt?

  22. Vlatka Štefanko says:

    You Jamie, are a God of Universe 🙌

  23. DaimaoZA says:

    That flatbed tho :'(

  24. Ana C says:

    Husband chef goals!

  25. BrotherTree1 says:

    So so hungry…. and it's 2:30am.

  26. Ilya ViG says:

    3:42 c'mon man! you're a bloody chef! how could you rub frying pan with a metal tongs?

  27. Chris Jones says:

    You say that word so quick whos harrissa

  28. Jane Williams says:

    This went too quickly for me. What did I just watch? 😅

  29. Peter Mc says:

    Nice Video, decent Presentation and great layout. Keep it up! Cheers Peter

  30. RamoSam100 says:

    Dear Jamie, it's impossible to find a self-rising flour here in Germany and I have literally tried all kinds of supermarkets. So, what ingredients can I use to make my own self-raising flour??

  31. Xtreme gameplay says:

    Lovely chef💟💟💟💟💟

  32. Crown Slayer says:

    Why can't I find Ur old tv show in YouTube now? I helped me a lot why is it gone? TT_TT

  33. Astronaut says:

    the first one though, my fav out of all of them

  34. Gamy García says:

    Te amo Jamie!

  35. Krisztián Wirsz says:

    Olive oil for a dessert? My goodness…

  36. Christine Obermüller says:

    " ,

  37. Κωνσταντινα Μπουνακου says:

    Well done Jamie. Greetings from Greece!!! 👍👍

  38. Aaliyah Waja says:

    You impress me every single time Jamie. The dessert was my favourite😍

  39. Ruth Berhe says:


  40. Dynasty2201 says:

    3 tablespoons of flour + 3 tablespoons of yogurt = a sticky ball. Come on Jamie. "Hardly any kneading"? You need a good 2-3+ more tablespoons of flour just to get the dough workable. You roll and fold and it just sticks to your hand. Tasty but still, needs more work than you're letting on, and way more flour.

  41. Eva End says:

    İ like your receipt

  42. Lizzie Ari says:

    This is still not easy enough for me😂 incompetent in the kitchen, sorry

  43. Aidah M says:

    My all time favourite celebrity chef love the recipes something for everyone and you can’t beat how Jamie presents the enthusiasm and passion it’s really infectious it’s nearly 2am and I want to get the pans out and cook! Jamie is the male version of Nigella Lawson in love with the ingredients!

  44. DOUJA- DESIGNED says:

    Jamie you are the Best,

  45. Daniel Shen says:


  46. Funny Sunny says:

    i hate Jamie Oliver because he won't leave his family and marry me. He's the most delightful and delicious human being. All his recipes are absolutely delicious. Aren't they, gimme an amen or an ashay. Anyone who doesn't like him is as bad as Stalin.
    All of you go away. This is only for Jamie. Dear, if you want to abandon everything, please pm me. I'll arrange for a flight and a new life in turks and Caicos – where you can make Turkey and Cake-ohs.

  47. Urooj fatima says:

    Thank you for sharing amazing recipes

  48. Manger says:


  49. Brian C says:

    Your first recipe has 7 ingredients, back to math class Jamie.

  50. Yamalo_0_0 Mania says:

    Have you tried fish marinated in blood

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