How To Use An Automatic Bread Maker For A Perfect Loaf Of Bread

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I am a strong believer in getting back to basics, but I also believe in using tech while we still have our modern conveniences.

Anyway, a homemade loaf is bread is still better than store bought any time. I may not sweat over it for hours, but its a pure, fresh and healthy loaf of bread.

Follow the link above to the full article and see the recipe plus other tips and ideas on how to use your automatic bread making machine.


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Does the paddle stick inside your loaf? This works. Cut a slip of paper 1/8 inch wide and 2 inches long. Put it through the paddle hole and force it on to the shaft. Tear off excess. When bread is removed, add water to pan, let sit and then pull paddle from shaft. Works every time for me.

Hey this was uploaded on my 7th birthday๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚,and this was very useful so thanks๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Good to see even a dufis like Me can do this. I'm going to bake My first loaf tonight for My dying Mother who wanted to smell the bread baking to remind Her of Her Mom (My Grandma). How could I say no Mom, I don't know how ! There is no instruction manual with Her machine so I was lost. Thanks Brother for this video. It will make My Mom and I happy.

My first two loaves taste good but have not risen very high at all.I am using rapid rise yeast do I need Ative rise for it to come out right.please any advise

"Cold pressed is healthier". Yep, especially if You use it for cooking… what's the point? Braindead.

The best way to make bread is to follow the instructions in the manual that was given with the machine
or use a bread mix which has all the ingredients in it …apart from the water place the finished loaf on a wire cooling for me

So much salt and sugar that its hard to even call it bread anymore. No need for sugar. Sugar is for cakes and cookies, not bread, nor do you need more than half a teaspoon of salt for a small loaf like that. Other than that the machine seems alright, but it'll probably do for a cozy fresh breakfast.

I think the best part of this vid is the Pro Tip at the end…Put the bread on a bowl when it comes out of the machine. Genius!

Watching this in the 2020 Lock down Time, April-2020 – R.I.P old bread maker hehe, thanks for that advice tho ๐Ÿ˜€ Time to use my bread maker for the first time ever!

I never measure over the bowl. It's easy for a big clump of salt, etc. to fall out and ruin the mixture, just saying.

Make a perfect loaf of bread,apart from the massive hole in the bottom which gives you slices from the centre with a great chunk out of them,I just use my breadmaker to mix the dough and knead then transfer to a normal bread pan to rise and bake,

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