How To Make The Best Meatballs Ever With 1 Simple Trick | TODAY Original

TODAY Food stylist Anthony Contrino grew up making meatballs with his beloved grandma. Since she made them from memory, he’s spent years trying to recreate this special family dish. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, but it creates a super flavorful meatball that’s tender on the inside, with a crispy seared crust on the outside. Once you try this technique, you’ll never need another meatball recipe!
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How To Make The Best Meatballs Ever With 1 Simple Trick | TODAY Original


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I totally love using food service gloves….keeps me clean 😁 don’t think I would fry at all maybe sear with a light spray of olive oil and then the oven. Recipes are a guide not the Bible 🤔😉🙏🏽💗

Sandra Onia-Sigler

This Irish,German Romanian girl makes them the same way!

Waldo Rojas

And then have Matt Lauer sexually assault the meatballs to kick them that little "kick"

Kevin Sognal

He wants candles with the smell of garlic and onions hates the sound of mixing meet …. idk what else to say

Pamela D

I wish you would of given a written recipe. I can't catch the name of the cheeses that you use. Your meatballs came out looking delicious but I'm kind of leery of your spaghetti sauce. It looks orange instead of its nice red color of tomatoes. It could just be the lighting. Again I'm wondering what you use to make the sauce. Thank you 😉

Robert Michalscheck

Don’t think the fry step is necessary,straight into the oven,cook a few more min and they turn out golden brown and great.

Pamela D

I saw this today about McDonalds and thought of you wanting an onion and garlic candle ……

McDonald's six candles come in all the scents you'd expect. A six-pack of scented candles that will smell like your favorite Quarter Pounder ingredients — a bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onion and beef, it announced.The candles were created to celebrate the burger's nearly 50-year run. 😉

Pamela D

Hi, I thought of you today when McDonalds announced they are making candle food flavors. You had mentioned you would like an onion and garlic flavor. Maybe you will enjoy some of these? 🤗

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