How to Make Perfect BBQ Chicken Every Time | Recipes by Masterchef • Taste Show

Masterchef John Zhang shares simple tips on making perfect BBQ chicken at home with step by step instruction. Get the recipe:

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This Oven Baked BBQ Chicken is easy to make with Chef John’s special BBQ sauce recipe.

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Dear chef .. watching your videos is really super….love from India god's own country KERALA…u always used black pepper our place we use sometimes green pepper for some dishes it's very u try it..

The chicken looks over cooked and dry. As he has filleted the chicken, maybe the cooking time can be shorter. As he cut into the meat, cannot see any juices.

Hi chef.Your cooking skills and amazing. I make cooking videos as well do checkout my channel for some delicious and healthy recipes in English.

Yaass gettin me and ma brother a good BBQ and sum fried chicken b4 bro. Then listein to sum DP DELTA PAROLE and METALLICA.

Chef, that looks absolutely delicious!! Off-the-charts! 👍🏻

I like that you explain the use of ingredients. I never knew beer did that so thank you.

Looking forward to more awesome recipes! 😃👍🏻🇹🇹

There are actually some errors in the english subtitles. At 3:09 , he actually said:" Beer, like milk…" not wine. The other error is at 4:58 , he said: "50ml of worcestershire sauce" not soy sauce. I hope the translator can do a better job and improve in future. Anyways, Chef John is still as awesome as ever! Your dishes are amazing! ❤❤

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