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Scrumptious, tender, spiced fresh baked bread is within reach! Make this simple recipe by dissolving yeast in warm water, then combining scalded milk with eggs, sugar, butter, salt and raisins. Add flour to create a stiff dough, then after a rise, roll out and cover with cinnamon sugar, and finally roll into a tight cylinder and slice into thirds. Bake with a brushing of butter, and once cooled, slice to indulge your cinnamon toast cravings!

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i can`t wait to try this recipe!! i`m always buying raisin bread at the supermarket, but it`s so expensive!! $.00 a lof is too much, but if i make it myself, now that i have a recipe, i`ll save a bundle, as we usually buy 2 loaves of raisin bread at a time.

Hello, please look at the website in the description as when I was making the bread they left out many of the steps and I only found out about this at the end.

This recipe is fantastic. I’ve made it twice already and plan on making it weekly. You know you’ve got a keeper when your pickiest eater asks for it.

Great video, thank you. All instructional videos should be made in this manner. The overly wordy British should pay particular attention. They possess the ability to turn any brief topic into a 25 minute ordeal.

This video is HORRIBLE!!! They missed the first amount of milk that you need to put in the mix! Then the recipe says two packages of yeast but they only use one in the video! This is very frustrating! What do I follow…??

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