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Want to make your own Chocolate Covered Cherries with the liquid center? It's super easy!

Making homemade chocolate covered cherries is WAY easier than you might think! You can even cut your cherry drying time by 75% with this tested method. These chocolate covered cherries taste even better than the store-bought ones and they are easy to make! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ CLICK FOR RECIPE & DETAILS πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


You can find the written recipe on The Salted Pepper website:

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Invertase Liquid:
Cherry Baking Emulsion:

You can visit The Salted Pepper’s Amazon store to see the products I use in my kitchen:

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  1. Melissa Bonilla says:


  2. Shelly Allen says:

    Cherries πŸ’ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜‡

  3. Shelly Allen says:


  4. White Alliance says:

    5:17 ok good because liquor is not halal so using all natural is better. I will look for this

  5. White Alliance says:

    Mines burst open… I shouldve watched this video first… Im backwards lol. I will try this next time good video

  6. Susan Dickson says:

    My hubby and I are watching this together! These are his all time favorite candies, and they are a rare treat since he has type 2 diabetes. When we try this I think I will use a fork from the thrift store and bend the handle up a bit to make a more user friendly angle. I have to work seated due to medical issues.

  7. N O says:

    Also you can dip them in half or qtr. Batches

  8. N O says:

    If you have a pressure canner you can add the canning racks then towel then bowl

  9. N O says:

    Stop showing me my favorite things

  10. Lisa says:

    These look delicious, but I'm wondering how to get the insides clear like the Cella's cherries. I don't like the white goopy liquid personally. Any thoughts on that? I just discovered your channel about 2 weeks ago and I'm hooked!

  11. marty boles says:

    Where do you get the package of dry fondant?

  12. BubbahDaHut says:

    for me, the edible play-doh would have a difficult time getting near the cherries before i was finished my testing to make sure how edible they were πŸ™‚

  13. Carleen johnson says:

    Louise, with all the small bits of extra chocolate, can one bag them and freeze or store them to use a second time? These candies, are, by far, my absolute favorites with chocolate covered carmels a close 2nd. Thank you for this simplified recipe.

  14. Windy Stroud says:

    I made these yesterday and it's killing me to wait!!

  15. Amanda Hootie Clark says:

    I like watching her while I'm getting ready for work. She's very soothing, even if this is too much work for me πŸ˜† 😊

  16. Teresiastepp Shedow says:

    now ya got my sweet tooth goin!!! gonna make dessert rice!!!!if ya want recipe give me a holler,lol

  17. Donna Mellow says:

    I love these easy recipes! I can’t wait to make this one! Just watched your peppermint patties video, and immediately subscribed. Thanks so much!

  18. Maxine Richeson says:

    Yes! I want to know!

  19. Dirk van Straaten says:

    Okay this works but this is the most time intensive way I have found. I will stick with rolling the cherries in powdered sugar then coating in melted chocolate. Start to finish a couple hours. Then let sit a couple days for the sugar to convert to a liquid.

  20. Anthony Medina says:

    They look just amazingly delish! You’re my fave

  21. Ann Pachini says:

    I used to make chocolate covered cherries but instead of dipping I used the plastic candy molds. I used a good grade brush to brush chocolate in the mold add the cherry, top it wit fondant and the cover the bottom with chocolate. It worked well and less messy. It’s been years since I made them. I also made peanut butter cups same process with the molds and less messy.

  22. Jack Potter says:

    Thank you so much. While I probably won't make these, you taught me a lot about chocolate coverings. Both in material and technique. Lots of "ah ha", now I get it " moments.
    Next batch of chocolate covered caremels will be much better!

  23. chuck1prillaman says:

    I wonder if you soaked the cherries in brandy or rum AND used the invertase, would they liquefy into more of a syrup. (booze….mmmmmmm)

  24. King Mufasa says:

    I wanted to watch the whole video but an ad came up filled with BLASPHEMY! So I am leavingπŸ˜’

  25. Marcia13112 says:

    Do you need to keep these out of the fridge for two weeks in order for the fondant to liquify or can they be kept in the fridge for the two weeks

  26. Lisa Myers says:

    In candy making (at least where I live)
    Sometimes the moisture content in the recipe can depend on
    The humidity out out doors, if it is summer day out doors ya might
    Need to add a little more of your liquid's…

  27. Timothy Patterson says:

    why no wedding ring gorgeous looking and you can cook to

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