How to Make a Juicy, Tender, Perfect-Every-Time Chicken Breast with Sous Vide

Make juicy, perfectly cooked chicken any night of the week with this easy sous vide method.

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Why does this Sous Vide chicken breast here get cooked in only 30 minutes at 146 degrees? Does the Joule app over-do it with the timings? Or did the Sous Vide Supreme under-do it with the time? Or is it simply that the Supreme is a different mechanism all together? I need to learn how to maximize my new Joule wand I purchased. Thanks.

Nisar Akbany

Love it!>>> Easy to use with or without the app. It was a great price during prime day this year, so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. I've made a couple dishes with it so far and loved all of the outcomes. Now I just need to get a bigger container so I can do some sous vide pulled pork!

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quit pouring oil on stuff then telling me it's juicy.

Stoned Jesus

Dont give them the false idea that suis vide cant overcook food.Leave it more than you should and u ll have a dry mushy product.

his "a little bit of oil" on already cooked and seared chicken is a big no no for me, but I guess it's a matter of taste

This gentleman needs a metronome to learn how to speak at a normal pace. Yes he could win the olympics for the fastest speaking man in the planet. That skill is NOT needed here. Speak at an even pace, put a space between words.

it's really hard to trust the taste of a man who has such tasteless facial hair

Patricia Knapp

Everything has to be on a puddle of puree? That's a lot more annoying to me than Joule, Joule, Joule.

Tom Evans

I would lite to sous vide several chicken breasts early in the week and keep them in the refrigerator for use later. What would be the best way to "reheat" the breast before pan searing? Thanks!

Gama Bikes

is it really safe to cook at 65C (149) while most source say the minimum temperature should be at least 73 C (165F)?

Adam Churvis

FINALLY got my Joule!!! Installed the app while watching this video. Thanks for all the hard work you folks have done with respect to sous vide.

Doesn't chicken need to reach an internal temperature of 165 or so?

Andre Cheong

143 F for 4 hours. No pink juice rawness and the tenderness… Omg

Samer Bouez

This is more of an advertisement for Joule than a cooking recipe. You know there are other brands that are as good and even better than Joule, right?

Would you like some more oil with your oil after cooking it in a lot of oil?

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