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*NOTE: Just please adjust your ingredients according to the quantity of the viand (ulam) you are going to cook 😀
*NOTE: When you boil, you must turn the heat into HIGH setting first. When it starts to boil, adjust it into the said/specific level of heat. 😀

Here are the ingredients for today’s ulam:

Cooking oil
8 cloves of Garlic, minced.
1 Medium onion, minced.
12 pieces Ripe Tomatoes, sliced.
1 Medium Onion, separated.
2 tbsps. of Fish sauce (patis)
1/2 Cup of Soy sauce (toyo)
1/2 tsp. of Ground Pepper (pamintang pino)
100 grams of Tomato Sauce
85 grams of Liver Spread
1 Medium Carrot, chopped.
1 Red bell pepper, sliced.
2 Medium Potatoes, chopped.
225 grams of Garbanzos
3 Jumbo Hotdogs, sliced.
1/4 kilo of Beef Liver (atay ng baka)
1 kilo of Beef Sirloin



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