How To Cook: Dry Black Beans (step by step tutorial)

I show you how to cook dry black beans.


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Wow you waste so much water by letting it run when it’s not even entering the pot or cup…

King Buddy! Best tutorial ever! No jibber-jabber! No annoying music. Clear and concise: to the point! Thank you so much. My beans are cooking now! You da man!! 🙂

Just a frigging minute .
No one but no one
would use or drink water
from the hotter tank .
Effing Grossssss.
Now I know
you are not a real cook.
Pull yourself together
get some information
before you coax people
into potential disaster.
Then get sued for damages.

How to tell bad Black Beans:
1. Take out any that look like dry "Raisins".

2. Take out any looks "Brown".

3. Take out any that "Float" in water.

4. Take out any that is "Broken or Halves". They will product more starch when cooked. It will make other beans looks like in muddy water.

ah, perfect short sweet & straight fwd video with no BS music in background wow
One of those rare/extinct species of youtube

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