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The MOST Delicious Garlic Fried Rice | Flavour Fridays

Want to learn how to make the perfect fried rice? Then this Flavour Friday tutorial is for you. This week, Emma is making a classic Filipino garlic fried rice, the perfect side dish.

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To find the recipe for this dish, click the link below!
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– The MOST Delicious Garlic Fried Rice | Flavour Fridays –

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  1. Lito Loco 4 Fish says:


  2. 💜💜💜👍👍👍👍👍

  3. FARGO GEMINI says:

    It’s hard work listening to you with ear phones because you raise your voice. Stop shouting Single Syllable words please

  4. Definitely a breakfast staple in every Filipino household. Can't have a Silog meal without it. Thank you for featuring it in your channel.

  5. HendonGooner says:

    Nice on Emma – That will go well with a nice beef rendang curry too.

  6. Ray D. says:

    Absolutely delicious looking!! 😊

  7. This is a restaurant style sinangag. Of course, at home, we don't use too much oil. Spring onion is rarely there. We also eat it with a dish and not on its own (unlike Chinese fried rice).

  8. Arlene Wade🧵✂️MadeByTrinilena says:

    Oh my, looks sooo yummy 👀

  9. Arlene Wade🧵✂️MadeByTrinilena says:

    I’ll surely try this

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